He floated over Turkey, conquered the American West, swam beneath the Northern Lights and battled a blistering Iceland storm.

All because he won Star Alliance’s Inspirational Journeys competition! Now Adam Dallmann’s ‘Mountains are Calling’ adventure is about to join the Alliance’s collection of dream RTW itineraries. We chat with Adam about how much fun it is to traverse the world using Star Alliance’s unrivalled network.

Q: Your itinerary took you to some of the most picturesque places on the planet. What for you were the top three highlights?


The Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland, the largest glacier in the Alps, was definitely spectacular.  So was seeing the northern lights while at the Blue Lagoon spa in Grindavik, Iceland. And doing a balloon ride in Cappadocia in Turkey, with the sun rising, was just amazing.


Q: Every great journey has some challenges. Were there any low points or did you encounter any trouble?

When we were camping in Skaftafell, in Iceland’s Vatnajökull National Park, we got caught in a storm, with wind gusts of 160km, which was a bit intense. It started at 10pm and continued until the next afternoon. We ended up having to drive through the storm to get back to Reykjavik and it was one of the interesting drives we’ve ever done, with the wind picking up cars throwing them across the road. On the good side, it was really the only day of bad weather we had.


Q: How easy was it to traverse the globe using Star Alliance’s network?


It was seamless. Even the Osaka to Istanbul leg via Beijing, which involved two Star Alliance carriers (Shenzhen Airlines and Turkish Airlines) was easy, with our bags travelling all the way through. We did have one flight cancellation, but we were put on the next flight and given a lounge pass for the duration of the delay, so airport staff were very accommodating.


Q: As well as flying with eight Star Alliance members, did you get to enjoy any of the Alliance’s airport experiences? And what was your favourite airport?

Oslo airport was a favourite because it was really easy to navigate. We also enjoyed access to Singapore Airlines’ lounge in Brisbane, United’s lounge in San Francisco, SAS’ lounge in Oslo and Air New Zealand’s lounge in Auckland, and all were consistently excellent.


Q: Star Alliance has really re-imagined the whole concept of a Round the World fare with Inspirational Journeys. How does it feel for your Mountains are Calling itinerary to be joining the collection?

I’m genuinely honoured. And I still can’t believe I actually had the opportunity to do it.


Q: What is the one piece of advice you would offer other travel agents when it comes to creating an Inspirational Journey for their customers?


There is an Inspirational Journey in everyone and there is something magical about a round world trip that follows a theme. It becomes more than just another great holiday; it becomes something personal and unique. Speak to your clients and try to get as much detail as possible on what really interests them and what they want to do. From there it’s actually fairly easy to create an itinerary and use the Star Alliance online planning tools to plot a course around a network that pretty much goes to just about every corner of the globe.


What would your Star Alliance Inspirational journey be?