No, you may not make any commission from encouraging your clients to enter, but you’ll definitely win them over for future bookings if they’re lucky enough to win.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is giving consumers the chance to WIN one of six two week trips to Thailand with a friend as part of its new ‘6 Senses Project’.

The ‘6 Senses Project’ aims to introduce a new twist on traditional local Thai experiences to foreign visitors, like Thai cooking classes, homestays, agricultural activities or village-based handicraft production that is not filtered like a package tour.

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Instead each is patterned on activities usually that are part of everyday life for the local Thais, presenting activies in an entirely new context based on 100% authentic local Thai cultural experiences.

Each winner will tap into a different sense in different destinations such as Ban Mae Klang Luang, Chiang Mai for sight; Ban Hom Samunphrai, Chiang Mai for smell; Ban Na Ton Chan, Sukhothai for taste; Ban Na Ton Chan, Sukhothai for touch; Dan Sai, Loei for belief; and Khlong Bang Luang, Bangkok for hearing.

Here’s how your client can enter:

They need to click here to learn more about the competition and complete the application process.

Once they’ve submitted their application, they need log into their social media pages (Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn) and tag a friend they’d like to take with them.

Entries need to be submitted before 31 August.

The final selection will be made by a judging committee that will choose a winner for each sense.

Do you have a client you’d love to see win this competition?