A selection of fabulous famils and prizes are up for grabs as part of Rail Plus’ refreshed 2018 Rail Expert training program.

If you can prove yourself as one of the top selling and high scoring agents acing the new program you can qualify to join one of the many Rail Plus famils taking place in Europe and North America.


You will also be in with a chance to win tickets to various music, art and sporting events in Australia and New Zealand.

The new format of Rail Expert is a little different to last year’s program.

It will combine Europe and Great Train Journeys on the one platform, with bite-sized modules that will be rolled out gradually throughout the year

Rail Plus

The reward system will this year, be based on scores, modules completed, the time frame in which they are completed and sales performance.

Module 1 is now available for completion and modules 2 to 11 will be available in the coming weeks.

Starting with an introduction to, and the benefits of, train travel, agents will move on to learning about some of the major European rail services and networks. These include the Eurail system, Eurostar, TGV, TGV Lyria, Deutsche Bahn, Swiss Travel System, France-Spain High Speed, Trenitalia and the British services.

Agents are encouraged to complete the modules ASAP in order to give themselves the opportunity to win some prizes.

Up for grabs for agents who complete three modules with a minimum score of 80% is a free coffee – and who isn’t in need of one of those?

Complete six modules with a minimum score of 80% and you will be in the running to win a bottle of premium wine.

Coffee, wine, event tickets and trips. Rail Plus sure knows how to push our buttons.

To sign-up, agents need to create an account on Rail Expert or follow the guidelines on this enrolment guide. For assistance, email [email protected].

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Will you be signing up for the new Rail Expert training program? Let us know.