Are you going to be Scooting off to Germany? Results of the German food game are in!

Have you ever played Who Wants to be a Millionaire and the timer is counting down so you try and phone a friend only to realise you’re playing to win an amazing holiday to Germany and it’s just you and the computer?

Well, agents who entered the Scoot to Germany competition know the feeling all too well and the long-awaited results are in…

CONGRATULATIONS Janelle Beuker a Goonellabah home based agent from TravelManagers had 100% correct answers and the fastest time.

On her win Janelle explained:

“My husband is German and we have been wanting to get back there to see his family. We haven’t had the funds so I entered the comp so many times to try and get us over there.

I would like to thank KARRYON for running all competitions you do for agents because even though we work in the industry, it’s often the only opportunity we get to actually go and experience these destinations we sell itineraries for.

I am looking forward to trying out Scoot because they offer a great lower priced option for those that can not always afford some of the other carriers”


In conjunction with German Food, the chosen winners were selected based on the most correct answers AND the quickest time in a clever multiple-choice online quiz based around delicious German food & Scoot Airlines new service to Europe!

The quiz gave some great information about what culinary delights are on offer in Germany other than beer and schnitzel (not that we don’t love that combo) but there’s SO many delicious delights to learn about.


Well known for its traditional recipes, German food has been carefully handed down from generation to generation.

The culture and traditions of the destination are apparent in the love and respect in the food offering they prepare.

Combining the authentic traditional offerings that we know so well (pretzels, pork knuckle, schnitzel, sauerkraut) influences from all over the world have now contributed to German cuisine.

Blending new and old has created a really dynamic and exciting food scene that’s a great selling point to customers.


The competition winner is now gracefully receiving a Michelin star for their insane (and accurate) knowledge of German food, coupled with their cat-like button-clicking reflexes – landing themselves and their bestie on an international trip of a lifetime.

Let’s be honest, if entering a competition based around delicious food was more of a common occurrence – most of us would spend all day scrolling Instagram for #foodfantasy & get absolutely nothing done.

Couple that with a cool prize of return flights to Europe with Scoot and boom – you’re a winner baby!

Keep an eye out for the exciting changes coming to the Scoot network in 2019 & be sure to anchor on food as a major selling point for Germany because let’s be honest – food is life (and so are pretzels).


To discover more tasty information of German food visit the link below:




What did you learn about German food from the German Food Game?

Written by Mel Bobbermien, a KARRYON contributor