Aussie Travel Agents have an opportunity to see some of Africa’s exotic wildlife & get a taste of an overnight African safari without leaving the country or in some cases (if you’re in NSW), even boarding a plane.

In case you missed the news – Trafalgar is investing heavily in African tours this year by launching a entire brochure for the continent with dozens of handcrafted trips featuring hidden gems and secrets.

Born and raised in South Africa, Trafalgar’s Chief Executive, Gavin Tollman said the expansion in Africa was a passion project 72 years in the making that will have an “emotional and spiritual” impact on guest who book a tour.

Click here for Gavin Tollman’s full announcement.


Now that you’re all caught up, Trafalgar wants to ensure Travel Agents have a clear idea of what the Africa program entails and is doing so by launching a webinar-based incentive.

Consultants who watch the operator’s new Africa collection webinar and answer a question will go in the running to win TWO TICKETS for an overnight stay at Taronga Zoo.


The winning consultants and their companion will enjoy luxury glamping accommodation and receive up-close encounters with the Zoo’s animals – they’ll practically wake up next to a lion or a giraffe.

Click here to check out the webinar and get yourself in the running.


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Who would you take on an overnight stay at Taronga Zoo?