Are you the kind of adventure seeker that finds joy in diving into a blue lagoon? Or maybe hiking up a volcano? No matter your choice Vanuatu is an adventure seekers paradise!

Adventure; an unusual and exciting or daring experience. Why is it we often make adventure synonymous with travel? Well, the answer you’re looking for has been under your nose the entire time.

Vanuatu is commonly mistaken as the premier ‘drop and flop’ destination but what lots of people don’t know is how many experiences there are here for the active traveller.

Vanuatu Tourism Office have a training module on adventure travel to give you all the deets on how your clients can get active in the South Pacific.


Feel prepared? Get ready to have your mind blown as you take our quiz to find out what type of adventure seeker you are and how that is synonymous with Vanuatu… Good luck!


When you’re on holidays, how do you prefer to travel?


A) Diving into The Blue Lagoon – a beautiful, calm place to swim in the backcountry of Efate. You can even launch yourself into the water with rope swings and from trees for an added thrill.
B) Hiking volcanic asphalt terrain – getting your fitspo on and challenging yourself to the steep climb up the slopes of the dormant Mt Garet.
C) Land Diving off man-made wooden towers – watch the worldwide famous land diving ritual (Nagol or N’gol) from Pentecost Island, occurring every Saturday between April and June. You’ll get an adrenaline rush from watching the locals do their thing!
D) All of the above – it all sounds amazing!


Netflix is on and you’re feeling inspired by Walter Mitty. Which Volcano do you choose to climb for your 2019 fitness goals?


A) Mt Yasur Volcano – Tanna Island (Oscar nominated movies are based on this one!) – this one is super accessible!
B) Mt Garet – Gaua Island (fit travellers only – put down the donuts)
C) Mt Marum –twin volcanic peaks of Mount Marum and Mount Benbow are located in the center of Ambrym Island (Both have a lava lake – enough said)
D) Not sure? -You’ll decide once you land in Vanuatu, but it will be one of the above because it will make you #instafamous


You are offered $10,000 to jump in a blue hole – which blue hole do you choose?


Image: Riri Blue Hole, Santo Travel

A) Riri Blue Hole – known as the prettiest blue hole in Santo, you can choose to have the locals paddle you up to the entrance by an outrigger canoe!
B) Matevulu Blue Hole – the largest of the Santo blue holes, the journey up will have you feeling like your paddling through the Amazon. Once there enjoy a magical swimming area and a giant rope swing tied onto a large banyan tree.
C) Hog Harbour Blue Hole – one of the ‘hidden’ blue holes further up north. Made all the more magical by the fact it is one of the only Santo blue holes with a direct connection to the ocean.
D) Money? You’d want to swim in all of them anyway, just for the amazing experience!


The hotel staff where you’re staying say they have an adventure planned for you. What do you secretly hope it is?

A) Discover waterfalls and swimming spots at Eden on the River – Only 20 minutes from Port Villa, experience a tropical eco-tour with a touch of adventure. Take in the stunning scenery and go chase some waterfalls (because who wants to stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to)
B) A chartered fishing trip – escape out to the coral reef to swim with the Tuna. Vanuatu’s waters stay tepid all year round, making it ideal for fishing species like Marlins
C) Catching a seaplane to untouched Surf locations  – the remote island of Tanna is amazing for this!
D) All of the above – because Vanuatu is swimming with adventures!


It’s the middle of winter and you’re planning your next holiday, but you can’t decide on a destination. Why would you choose Vanuatu?


A) The People – It’s dripping in culture and the people are generous and beautiful
B) Quick Escape – It’s only 2 and a half hours flight from Brisbane with Air Vanuatu #nojetlag Plus as of this week, you can now also fly from Melbourne!
C) Seasonality – It’s a year-round destination that waits for no man
D) EVERYTHING – Every possible answer in this entire quiz is what Vanuatu has to offer and you have to go ASAP!


Okay… Tally your results…we’ll wait!

The results are in and you are… A Vanuatu Adventure Traveller!

That’s right, no matter what answer you picked in this quiz – it is the reason hundreds of people have fallen in love with this beautiful country.

No matter your level of adventure seeker there are amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences waiting for you in Vanuatu.


Want to adventure through Vanuatu?


The very best part is Vanuatu Tourism Board want to help you get there! All you need to do is simply learn a little more about all the adventure tourism that can be experienced in Vanuatu.

You could win a spot on the 2019 November Vanuatu famil, all you need to do is fill in your details and complete the five training modules.


In November 2019, agents will be jetting off to Port Vila from either Brisbane, Sydney or (newly annouced) Melbourne with Air Vanuatu, offering a great chance to experience their full-service offering and friendly service as they’re taken 2.5 hours from the east coast.

Once you’ve arrived you’ll be treated to the friendly Vanuatu hospitality as you experience everything this tropical escape has to offer.


The modules are fun, informative and will teach you more about adventure travel in Vanuatu, from cultural escapades to the outer islands to more accessible options for every traveller.

Best of all you can complete them on your mobile device!

Only taking roughly 20 minutes per module, if you complete one of the training modules on your commute into work each day of the week, you’ll be done before you could crack open your first Tusker on Air Vanuatu.

It’s really that easy to be in the running to win a spot on the famil!

Let your adventure begin by clicking below:



What Vanuatu adventure experience would you want to do?

Written by Mel Bobbermien, a KARRYON contributor