Say what you want about Facebook, but the online communication tool has a lot of pros, such as staying connected with family, seeing travel pics, winning a bonus spot of a famil to the Galapagos, receiving news updates from KARRYON…

Er, wait, backtrack!

Win a bonus spot on a famil to the Galapagos? Tell me more, tell me more (“like did he get very far” ????????)!

Yesterday, G Adventures put a fun little spin on its UMI in the Islands incentive – giving Agents the chance to win a spot on a famil to the Galapagos – by announcing a bonus thirteenth spot.

Image: G Adventures

Image: G Adventures

Unlike other winners who’ll need to sell a G Adventures tour in order to be in the running, the winner was one of 1,411 members of the UMI Australia/NZ Facebook group.

The tour operator wrote the names of its page followers on post-its, stuck them onto the balls in the company’s famous ball pit meeting room and then one winning ball was randomly drawn by Director of Sales for Australia and New Zealand, Ingrid Kocijan (who was wearing a seal onesie at the time).

G Adventures Ball Pit

And the Agent’s name on the post-it stuck to the winning ball was…

G Adventures UMI first winner

Can you see the name on the post-it? It’s…

Rebecca Owen from STA Brisbane.

Check out the announcement below:

Rebecca is the first Travel Agent to win a spot on the famil where she’ll see giant tortoises, sea lions and island birds.

G winner

G Adventures said the remaining 12 winners will be announced soon and will be allocated to six top sellers and six randomly picked Agents who have booked at least one client during the months of the incentive.


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