We’d be shouting WUHOO and boohooze (booze) on us if we just won TWENTY THOUSAND dollars, which is exactly what happened to a Flight Centre Agent last week.

Matt Grigg from Flight Centre Heidelberg in Victoria was just minding his own business one day at work when suddenly some rando (random) in a panda suit walked in and handed him twenty large ones.

Okay so there’s a little more to it.

Wendy Wu Tours winner

Matt is actually the winner of Wendy Wu Tours’ Shop Free, Fly Free incentive for selling the most itineraries during the first three months of the year.

The rando in the panda suit is actually a Wendy Wu Tours employee who was talked into wearing the outfit, walking the streets in it and surprising Matt with a lovely $20K cheque.

Wendy Wu Tours

An incredibly happy Matt took to Facebook to share his surprise and excitement, saying “it’s a bubbles kind of night” (still wait on our glass Matt ????).

Check out the full announcement below:

Meanwhile, Wendy Wu Tours’ General Manager Australia, Steve Richards, thanks all of the brand’s loyal Agents for taking part in the incentive and showing their ongoing support.

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What would you do with $20K?