Dreams really do come true when you take a photo with a personalised California plate number, upload it to social media & write a status that details every element of your ideal road trip through The Golden State.

No seriously they do, just ask Genevieve Hofman of Everton Park Flight Centre in Queensland who WON her dream trip to California by doing everything listed above.

Genevieve won the trip through Visit California’s digital Agent training platform and supplier directory, California STAR, as part of the #CaliforniaSTARRoadTrip incentive.

Visit California said Genevieve’s entry won because of its creativity, diversity and “excellent knowledge of the state and suppliers”.

Read part of her entry:


CONGRATULATIONS Genevieve! Enjoy ziplining through Yosemite, hiking Redwood National Park, relaxing in Brockway Hot Springs, exploring Lake Tahoe, camping in the back country and strolling through Downtown’s Grand Central Market.


Join us in congratulating Genevieve & wishing her on a wonderful yet completely safe journey through the United States’ Golden State.