Parents of those fresh 18-year-old Contiki travellers always beg their beloved kids to stay in touch, but do these first time Euro backpackers do what they’re told? Hmm not likely!

Contiki seems to have found a way to combat parents’ anxiety with the new ContikiCam which will go live on all trips starting from today.

Basically ContikiCam allows curious people back home to spy on the Contiki tour at all times.

The discreet onboard camera will capture Contiki passengers’ every move and allow friends and family to follow on, all from the comfort of their own home.

Contiki are also offering a premium upgrade for those looking for even more connection: a stylish new wearable tracking device! Every single parent’s dream!

The GPS device is worn around the ankle and securely shares your precise location with those at home.

Paired with ContikiCam, this ground-breaking new venture will be the first of its kind for constant connectivity and allow travellers the chance to share every single moment of their experience without having to lift a finger!

Contiki’s Managing Director Katrina Barry says the new technology has come into play after feedback from travellers about wanting to stay in touch with friends and family on their trip without constantly being on their phones.


“We’re solving that with ContikiCam The live feed will allow our guests to share every moment of their experience with their friends and family at home without taking away from their experience on the road,” she said.


Do you think the fact the ContikiCam conveniently launches on April Fool’s Day has anything to do with its veracity?