With more acronyms sprayed around than teenagers snapchat messages, cruise awards or any cruise event can be confusing for those not in the cruising fraternity. But with a little LOL and some TLC, O’C has TCOB to present you an EZ to read guide for you and your BFF’s to KR, and hope your night is the GOAT.

Still with me? No?

OK – without further adieu, here’s my list of cruise lingo that’ll clarify conversations for you in a heartbeat and help you raise eyebrows with cruise aficionados and agents everywhere.

ALBD – Available Lower Berth Days
AL.BS – 1980’s R&B Singer, Al. B Sure.
APT – Australian Pacific Touring
BGODF – Bald Guy on Dance Floor
CCL – Carnival Cruise Lines
CCN – Captain’s Circle Number
CDHA – Competitive D$#$ Head Alert
CNN – Fake News
DABUBI – Drunk Agent Bringing Up Booking Issues
DGASADC – Doesn’t Give A S#$# About The Dress Code
DOS – Director of Sales
DOM – Drunk on Microphone
DOMWFD – Drunk on Microphone with Fly Down
FC/FCTG – Flight Centre Travel Group
FCC – Future Cruise Credit
FCD – Future Cruise Deposit
FYC – Fine Young Cannibals
FOD – Friends of Dorothy, LGBT networking
FOB – Friends of Bill W, Alcoholics Anonymous Support Group


F&B – Food and Beverage
F&B – Fred and Barney
GSNTMIAM – Guy Sitting Next To Me Is A Mute
HAL – Holland America
HBA – Home Based Agent
HOT – House of Travel
LBD – Lower Berth Days
LBJ – Guy that killed JFK
LPGMBTTBNH – Low Pay Grade Monkey Boy Trying To Big Note Himself
NAM – National Account Manager
NAN – Bernice and Dorothy
NCF – Non-Commissionable Fares
NCL – Norwegian Cruise Lines
NSM – National Sales Manager
MSC – Mediterranean Shipping Company
MSG – Chinese Food Additive Thing That Will Kill You


OBC – On Board Credit
OB1 – Kenobi
OPT – Overseas Passenger Terminal
OPP – Other People’s Privates
OVC – Our Vacation Centre
P&O – Formerly the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company
P&A – Panda (This is the most clever thing you’ll see today)
PCDs – Passenger Cruise Days-Unit of measure determine the number of days passengers sailed on a ship.
PHT – Phil Hoffman Travel
PYT – Pretty Young Thing (Repeat After Me…)
RCI – Royal Caribbean International
RUOK – Yes, uh, thanks for asking….
SETIHW – Senior Executive Turning Into Harvey Weinstein
STNE – Speech That Never Ends
SJGB – Somebody Just Got Botox
SRMSWTF – Somebody Replaced My Steak With Their Fish
TFP&E – Taxes, Frodo, Ports and, um, Ernie
WLCL – World’s Leading Cruise Lines

Got a favourite cruise acronym to share? Tell us below.