CATO Chairman and MD of Adelaide based Bunnik Tours, Dennis Bunnik has shared a video on his famous ‘DennisBunnik Travels’ YouTube channel in which he donates AU$15,000 to the Rural Fire Service (RFS).

The heartfelt eight-minute video focussing on the state of Australia’s bushfire situation shares the sentiment of what most of us Australians are feeling right now.

Great sadness, a feeling of hopelessness and a call for collective support and action.

In the last couple of years, Dennis has amassed a global YouTube following of over 92,000 subscribers with aviation and travel lovers tuning in for Bunnik’s frequent flight and destination reviews.

In total, his videos have notched up almost an incredible 17 million views since he started his channel.

Usually, Dennis creates an annual Q&A video at the start of the year but this time decided to do something different given the hideous circumstances.

Speaking about the video, Dennis says: “Not my normal style of the video but here in Australia, these are not normal times. A massive thank you to the firefighters, emergency services and ordinary people from Australia and around the world who are helping.”

He goes on to personally pledge just over AU$15,000 to the Rural Fire Service (RFS) thanks to all of the advertising money made from YouTube channel in the last six months, saying he has been “overwhelmed by the support he has received on the channel.”

Great Southern Lodge, kangaroo Island which was sadly lost to fire

Great Southern Lodge, kangaroo Island which was sadly lost to fire

Dennis also asks the question, “Where do we go from here?” saying that to get tourism back on its feet will “require a much longer-term effort”.

Citing his experiences in getting troubled Egpyt and Sri Lanka back on their feet with Bunnik Travels, Dennis says to his overseas fans: “It’s natural for tourists to stay away fearing danger, but often it’s not the case. Don’t put it off. Come and visit Australia.”

While for his fellow Australians, his message is a simple one: “The best thing we can do once the danger is over is to take some road trips. Fill up our cars and go and stay in rural areas, eat in local restaurants, and spend money in the local shops.”

“At Bunnik Tours we sell the world to Australians. Now we’re asking the world to come and see our country.”

Dennis Bunnik, CATO Chairman and Managing Director of Bunnik Tours

While steering clear on the topic of Climate Change, Dennis said: “It’s very clear to me that we need to change what we’re doing and take climate change far more seriously.”

“Hopefully, together, we can all get through this. This is a time to hug your loved ones a little bit closer and let’s see if we can make this world a better place.”

The video has since received over 300 positive and supporting comments.

Tank you Dennis. We salute you for standing up and putting yourself out there for the greater good, Hopefully you will inspire many others to do the same.

Want to donate too?

THE RED CROSS: https://www.redcross.org.au/campaigns/disaster-relief-and-recovery-donate

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