It’s a little hard to believe, but apparently there’s a large number of Australians out there who want to experience a snowy, European winter but are a little scared to do so.

Speaking to Travel Agents in Sydney this week, Trafalgar said there’s a huge opportunity for consultants to make money from white holidays, if they can sympathise and work around the Aussie fear factor.

The brand’s state sales manager explained that Australians are “scared to travel to Europe during winter” because they’re uncertain about how the continent operates outside of the peak summer period and whether attractions are open.


“They’re not really sure about what they can do, whether they can see all the different attractions or if attractions are even going to be open.”


She continued, explaining that there’s also concern over weather conditions, which emerged from previous winters when heavy snow caused flight and transportation disruptions.

In order to combat this fear and sell more, Trafalgar suggests Travel Agents recommend encouraging their clients to book tours through operators who will “look after all the hard stuff”.


“Tours allow uncertain travellers to actually enjoy their holiday.”


Tour operators also offer a variety of options for European winters, such as Trafalgar and Costsaver, which have trips revolving around Christmas markets, wineries and more.

For more information of the two brands’ trips check out the new joint 2018/19 brochure.


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Have you travelled to Europe in winter? What did you love about it?