Tourism Australia It's Our Best Shot Campaign
Tourism Australia It's Our Best Shot Campaign

Discover Okinawa & Win A Trip To Japan's Paradise Isles

Would you like to score yourself an epic 5-night stay in the incredible Japanese paradise of Okinawa? Well, Okinawa Tourism is giving you the chance to skill up and win some idyllic prizes.

Would you like to score yourself an epic 5-night stay in the incredible Japanese paradise of Okinawa? Well, Okinawa Tourism is giving you the chance to skill up and win some idyllic prizes.

The name Okinawa means “rope in the open sea”, an appropriate description for these islands which stretch from Japan to Taiwan. These sub-tropical islands are a completely unique Japanese destination, showcasing the pristine coral reefs, soaring tropical rainforests, incredible food, and culture galore.

Okinawa is also one of the world’s blue zones, known for longevity and a healthy lifestyle, boasting the highest percentage of centenarians than anywhere else on Earth.

This area really is Japan’s best-kept secret and thanks to Okinawa Tourism, you have the chance to skill up on the wonders it beholds and potentially win yourself a 5-night stay plus airport transfers, once international travel resumes.

Let’s find out how…

Beautiful Okinawa

©Okinawa Convention&Visitors Bureau

This Japanese prefecture, which is made up of 160 islands – 47 of which are inhabited by people, has so much to offer each one of your clients.

What’s even more amazing is that these paradise islands are just a short two-hour flight down from Tokyo’s Haneda or Narita airports.

Let the relaxation begin.

Nature and outdoor lovers can island-hop, snorkel, dive, kayak and even get a head start on the famous cherry blossom season from the end of January – as the Taiwan cherries that are grown in Okinawa bloom earlier than anywhere else in the country.

©Okinawa Convention&Visitors Bureau

Those who want to relax, rejuvenate, and soak up the culture will be pleased to hear that Japan’s southernmost onsens are located in the islands of Okinawa; with Iriomote and Miyako both famed for their natural untouched beauty and unspoiled cultural aspects.

Foodies can get excited too because Okinawa is an absolute dream, thanks to the variety of healthy ingredients used in the local dishes. Prepare your tastebuds for plenty of veggies and seafood, plus more quirky treats, including Bitter Melon, Sea Grapes, Fruits, Okinawan Sweet Potato and Okinawan Dark Brown Sugar. YUM.

There are food markets galore to wander through and so many varieties of produce, arts and crafts and friendly locals to discover in this welcoming place.

History buffs will love the unique Ryukyu Kingdom culture, including music and performing arts. An event not to be missed is the Eisa dance, performed with the powerful beat of the taiko drums and the sound of the Sanshin – which is Okinawa’s traditional three-stringed instrument. The purpose of the dance is to praise and respect the spirits of their ancestors.

While sports enthusiasts can immerse their mind, body, and spirit in the birthplace of modern-day Karate (it’s also the birthplace of Mr Miaggi from the Karate Kid movies), and explore the philosophical principles of the practice through the true Okinawan masters.

We weren’t lying when we said there’s something for everyone.

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The training program

©Okinawa Convention&Visitors Bureau

The new training program is has been written specifically for you, lovely agents, to get learning and share your knowledge with your clients.

Okinawa is perfect for Australian travellers as it offers the ideal blend of everything that Aussie’s want from an overseas adventure, plus much, much more.

For your chance to skill up and hopefully win, complete the learning modules at by the end of next month.

What can I win?


The major prize for completing all 5 training modules is an epic 5-night stay in Okinawa, complete with airport transfers.

Not too shabby at all!

To be in with the chance to bag the main prize, and some smaller prizes along the way, you must complete all modules by the end of February 2021.

Good luck and enjoy learning.

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Feature image is ©Okinawa Convention&Visitors Bureau.

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