Travel changes people, so perhaps that’s why Travel Agents around the world are more likely to be purpose-oriented (71%) compared to a 64% benchmark in other industries.

The new research released by G Adventures also found that for agents who identify as adventure specialists, this figure rises to 80%.

G Adventures said this was significant because being purpose-led and selling purpose-led product has been proven to have tangible, long-term business benefits.


G Adventures uncovered the survey results at the industry’s first global purpose-led conference for Travel Agents, Change Makers which took place in Peru earlier this month.

More than 100 agents from around the world earned their place in Peru, where they visited a number of G Adventures’ social enterprise projects

David Green, vice president of commercial at G Adventures, says the research is encouraging as the company shifts its focus from ‘trips sold’ to ‘lives changed’.

Image: G Adventures

“We want our agents to remember why they love working in travel, and why it’s rewarding to send their customers on a life-changing G Adventures tour”.

David Green, vice president of commercial at G Adventures

“Travel Agents have been a part of G Adventures’ lifeblood since our inception, and it is part of our job to ensure they are educated on how the trips we sell give back to the world around them”.

Pic: Gadventures

Pic: Gadventures

He said at G Adventures their purpose is to change lives through travel: the lives of their travellers, the lives of local people in the places they visit, and the lives of their important travel agency partners.



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