EMPOWERED: G Adventures puts the spotlight on female-led projects

Ahead of International Women's Day, G Adventures is celebrating four awesome women-led projects around the world that form part of their itineraries.

Ahead of International Women’s Day, G Adventures is celebrating four awesome women-led projects around the world that form part of their itineraries.

G Adventures’ not-for-profit partner Planeterra, throws its support behind projects dedicated to helping women redefine their roles in society by providing access to education and job-training.

Planeterra then works directly with G Adventures to include these programs into their itineraries, giving these enterprises a long-term customer base and market.

“Our goal at Planeterra is to initiate, invest, cultivate and incubate a number of women-run social enterprises, cooperatives, and training programs that give women a hand up, not a hand out in their society”.

Director of Development at Planetaria Adrienne Lee.

Here are four female-focused projects being celebrated this International Women’s Day.


Sthree Craft Shop and Café in Kandy, Sri Lanka


A craft shop and cafe run by the Women’s Development Centre to empower women and at-risk youth through livelihood opportunities.  Planetaria supported them financially in renovating the space into a commercial craft shop and café. 2,000 G travellers pass through each year.


Penduka in Windhoek, Namibia


A restaurant and handicraft workshop that employs 30 disadvantaged women and creates livelihoods for over 300 women in Namibia. G Adventures travellers will enjoy a meal courtesy of Penduka, supporting these women and the social enterprise itself.


Cöp(m)adam  in Ayvalik, Turkey


A Turkish social enterprise with a fairtrade mission, created to leverage the artisanal talent embedded within the Turkish culture and to provide opportunities for women in impoverished communities. When travellers visit the workshop during a trip to Turkey, and purchase their products, they are directly supporting the women that made them.


Nyamirambo Community Tour  – Kigali, Rwanda


A community-based walking tour and lunch, run by the Nyamirambo Womens Center, in Nyamirambo community of Kigali, giving visitors an insight into the every-day life and challenges, social events and businesses. It also employs six local guides to facilitate and organize the tours, where G Adventures travellers obtain an authentic experience and at the same time the tour benefits the women at NWC and the community at large.  All G Advenutures Rwanda tours include a visit to the Nyamirambo Womens Center.

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How will you be celebrating International Women’s Day yesterday?