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Global Gathering: Envoyage's first 'Worldwide 2024' event draws 300 international guests 

Flight Centre Travel Group’s (FCTG) new Envoyage brand has hosted its first global event, Worldwide 2024, in Santiago, Chile. 

Flight Centre Travel Group’s (FCTG) new Envoyage brand has hosted its first global event, Worldwide 2024, in Santiago, Chile. 

Drawing 300 attendees from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA, the highly-anticipated event promised four days of connection and discussion to shape the future of the travel sector – and it seems it delivered on it.

Speaking at the event, Envoyage Global Managing Director Danielle Galloway said the gathering’s theme, ‘For Every Journey’, tied beautifully with the new brand’s tagline. 

Envoyage delegates in Chile
Around 300 delegates flew into Chile for the event

“When we talk about ‘For Every Journey’, we’re not just referring to physical trips. We’re referring to the experiences that expand our horizons, challenge our perspectives and enrich our lives,” she remarked. 

“That’s the essence of what we aim to embody at Worldwide 2024.”

Additionally, Galloway highlighted Envoyage’s unique proposition, born from various independent brands and providing extensive support to travel advisors at every stage of their journey, from start-ups to seasoned agencies. She added, that Envoyage fosters a community where growth and adaptation thrive.

Envoyage delegates in Chile
(L-R) Astrid Richardson, Jason Buckley and Danielle Galloway

“This is more than a partnership; it’s your forever future,” Galloway stated, emphasising Envoyage’s commitment to providing an ecosystem equipped with integrated tools, support systems and products.

The Envoyage boss also flagged the brand’s commitment to promoting collaboration and innovation in the travel industry.

“Your journey is our journey. It’s not solely about the destinations we discover but the memorable experiences we craft along the way,” she said. 

Envoyage event
(L-R) Rachael Hardy, Fiona Batten (AU National Sales Director), Melissa Goodwin and Lisa Zahra (AU Operations Leader)

“Each interaction and each connection contribute to our shared narrative in the travel landscape.

“As we collectively embark on this exciting journey, Envoyage stands ready to support each member at every turn. 

“With visionary leadership, a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we are on course to redefine the future of travel, ensuring our members and their clients enjoy truly unforgettable travel experiences.”

For more information on Envoyage, click here. Read about its launch here.

(L-R) Zoran Panzich and David Sumich