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Experience extraordinary travel: Tripfuser transforms into Designer Journeys

Say hello to Designer Journeys; a rebrand that better conveys the skills, expertise, and effort taken by Local Designers to design incredibly unique, luxury travel experiences. 

Say hello to Designer Journeys; a rebrand that better conveys the skills, expertise, and effort taken by Local Designers to design incredibly unique, luxury travel experiences. 

Get excited, because Tripfuser has officially announced its rebrand to Designer Journeys.

Designer Journeys provides a custom travel designing solution like no other; connecting you directly with Local Designers who utilise their expert knowledge, destination insight and skills to design extraordinary experiences, every time. 

As the world prepares for an international travel bounceback, Designer Journeys paves a clear pathway to extraordinary travel experiences, providing reassurances at every step. 

Matt McCann, Designer Journeys CEO

Combining unrivalled local insight and decades of expert knowledge, Designer Journeys is set to deliver extraordinary travel experiences, every time.

Designer Journeys’ aim is simple: to connect travel agents and travellers with a global network of trusted, knowledgeable and hand-selected Local Travel Designers to design, build and deliver unique travel experiences. 

Now live in over 70 countries around the world with an expanding gallery of nearly 2,000 highly customisable trip itineraries, Designer Journeys enables access to experiences that are hard to find anywhere else.

As a travel agent, you can easily sign-up with Designer Journeys to start experiencing the benefits of their user-friendly, secure platform with direct access to in-destination Local Designers.

Designing and booking travel experiences with Designer Journeys is the perfect travel design solution and beats going direct every time.

Here’s why:

The Local Designers Are the Best at What They Do

As a Designer Journeys’ Local Designers, it is wholly important to deliver something extraordinary, every time.

Before becoming a Local Designer, a rigorous selection process ensures they are reliable, trustworthy and can deliver unique experiences.

It is only when Local Designers can prove an excellent feedback record and provide necessary accreditations, that they can begin working with travel agents and travellers. 

Personal Support from the Travel Concierge Team

From the moment you submit an initial enquiry to sending your client off on their extraordinary journey, you are supported by the dedicated Travel Concierge team, who are available 24 hours a day.

A three-way chat between the Travel Concierge and Local Designer provides support at every stage; it is like having a personal travel design assistant to facilitate a smooth planning, booking and travelling experience for your client… and no more sitting for hours on hold!

Easy, Secure and Competitive

The Designer Journeys platform enables easy, instant customisation and the ability to share a white-label digital itinerary with a client.

On top of that, trip itineraries are instantly bookable with one secure payment point making everything hassle-free.

Not only will you get preferential rates through Local Designers, but you’ll also benefit from local currency pricing and complete pricing control so you can deliver the best for your clients. 

Backed by Guarantees & Free Cancellation Offers

With Designer Journeys, you’ll benefit from a 48-hour post-booking confirmation cooling-off period and a Local Designer guarantee should the local company close down at any point during your experience.

In addition, Designer Journeys launched a gallery of over 230 itineraries that come with a 100% refund offer. If a client changes their mind on travelling for any reason 21 days before travel, they can cancel and get a full refund. 

You can begin your journey with Designer Journeys by exploring the trip gallery, submitting an enquiry and connecting with a Local Designer to design your extraordinary travel experience. 

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