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FCM hails Th!nk event a success for industry innovation and change

As FCM’s inaugural Th!nk event concluded this week, industry leaders emerged in a bullish mood, optimistic about the future of corporate travel.  

As FCM’s inaugural Th!nk event concluded this week, industry leaders emerged in a bullish mood, optimistic about the future of corporate travel.  

At a time when travel management companies such as FCM are returning to profit and closing in on pre-COVID trading levels, collective attention has turned to maintaining this positive trajectory while responding to an ever-evolving travel landscape to deliver strong client support and satisfaction.  

Speaking live to the audience from Athens, FCM Global Managing Director Marcus Eklund reiterated that the need to encourage open conversation and positive action across the wider travel business was long overdue.  


“Having navigated through the upheaval of the last two years, our industry faces renewed disruption in the years ahead. Th!nk was conceived to bring difficult, but essential conversations to the fore,” Mr Eklund said. 

“Together, with some of the brightest brains and industry heavyweights, we have provided a new global platform to shine a light on the big topics shaping the future of business travel, while sharing FCM’s own deep insights and solutions.” 

Mr Eklund added that this approach was especially timely as business travel continues to ramp up at pace while new challenges and priorities for travellers emerge.  

“Whether it’s becoming more sustainability-focussed, utilising data to identify emerging trends or integrating the latest technologies in our offerings, it’s how we all respond now that will be the measure of our success in the years ahead,” he said. 


Anchored by live components hosted by FCM’s leadership team and top-notch guests, almost 1,500 audience members tuned into Th!nk from around the globe to experience live and on-demand sessions delving into diverse topics resonating now.  

Positioned as the antidote to the typical conference, the event featured a rich agenda of thought-provoking topics and carefully curated content through lively debate, interactive discussion, and audience polls, with industry colleagues and corporate heavy-hitters revealing their views on what lies ahead for travel and the industry.  

Unsurprisingly, sustainability was a recurring theme throughout Th!nk as many corporate clients reshape existing programmes and adapt RFPs to reflect a growing commitment to purposeful travel. 

Melissa Elf
Melissa Elf, FCM General Manager Australia

In addition to the live global sessions, a 24-hour programme of region-specific segments from across EMEA, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand also shared valuable insights while covering numerous topics resonating in these markets too.  

“Although this was a truly one-of-a-kind global hybrid event, it had real significance to the Australian market, and we were able to deliver insightful and thought-provoking content with our own region-specific information, data and thought leadership,” FCM General Manager Australia Melissa Elf said. 

“Attendees had a fantastic chance to interact with key topics across the globe and it was yet another example of how meetings and events are well-and-truly taking off again.” 

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