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FCTG Independent: The Home Renovation Your Independent Agency Needs

If 2021 had a theme (that wasn’t *that* one), it would be real estate. The place you call home has never been more important, and the same is true for your travel agency network. The good news is that FCTG Independent has just the rebuild opportunity your travel agency business needs!

If 2021 had a theme (that wasn’t *that* one), it would be real estate. The place you call home has never been more important, and the same is true for your travel agency network. The good news is that FCTG Independent has just the rebuild opportunity your travel agency business needs!

Much like a big storm will show you where the leaks in your roof are, the pandemic will have revealed the cracks in your independently-owned travel agency. Whether this was a lack of support from your agency network, or an inability to scale quickly as the international borders reopened, the cracks need to be repaired for a stress-free future.

Your New Home Options with FCTG Independent

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When you make the call to move house, you have a few options: move, renovate, or rebuild. It’s no different with your business: do you want a fresh new look or is a bigger shakeup in order?

Whatever you choose, Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) Independent has an option to suit. Their new platform, called Home, has been designed specifically for independent travel agencies – giving you the freedom to make a big move or just renovate some parts of your business.

FCTG Independent’s Home is your business-in-a-box. It’s a perfectly-curated digital ecosystem that substantially saves time for independent agencies. No more clicking through multiple tabs to find the best deal for your client. Say goodbye to quotes where you have no clue what returns you might make. This single sign-on platform takes care of the less exciting business stuff, so you can do what you do best: selling dream vacays and delivering exceptional service.

FCTG Independent’s Dream Rebuild

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If there’s one thing people know about home renovations and rebuilds, it’s that they are a bigger job than you’d think, and they typically run over budget. Well, not with FCTG Independent! In fact, it couldn’t be easier to transition across, and it’s free for independent agencies! Plus, there’s a sign-on bonus of up to $5,000* on offer if you make your move and join before the 31st of March 2022. Baller!

When you move to FCTG Independent, how much you’re ‘powered by’ FCTG is up to you. Keep your brand name or start fresh. And you can choose how much of a boost you’d like your business to have, too. Are you keen on more consistency and steady income, or are you looking to take over the travel agency world? It’s your call.

Home Renovations by the Experts

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FCTG Independent has been as busy as every Aussie builder renovating homes around the nation these past two years, giving their product platform, HELiO, a $32 million overhaul to prepare for the biggest travel rebound in history. Directly accessed from Home, HELiO gives you quick and easy access to FCTG Independent’s 1.1 million hotels and vacation homes, 500 partner airlines, and thousands of cruise companies, tour operators, rental cars, and cool activities.

Everything on HELIO is aggregated, with the best commission and lowest rate available in the system highlighted for ease of booking. It’s the equivalent of moving into a new home and discovering a loft extension you didn’t know about!

No More Jack of All Trades

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Sometimes you want to do a home renovation yourself; other times, it’s less of a headache to move into a newly-renovated home. And with FCTG Independent, you can do just that. Instead of dealing with all the dramas of finding the right tools and getting set up, you get to move right in, hassle free.

With Home, you have access to dedicated support for your independent travel agency. Travel experts are on hand for ticketing and product queries, marketing support, and general business operations. If you’ve been struggling with being a Jack of all trades, with FCTG Independent you can get back to being the kick-ass travel agency owner that you are.

Power Up Your Home with FCTG Independent

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Much like your builder’s not going to decide what colour cabinets you get for your kitchen reno, with FCTG Independent, you still get to run your business your way.

The FCTG Independent team are dedicated to being as hands-on as you need them to be. They are kind of like your home’s boiler; everyone enjoys a daily hot shower without having to regularly check that it’s got the grunt for your family of five. It just works!

Whether you’re a leisure or a corporate agency, the FCTG Independent Home ‘boiler’ has everything you need.

FCTG Independent’s Extra Touches

When the new kitchen is in, and the house has been repainted, a little bit of landscaping is the final touch to a well-presented, welcoming new home. Extra touches transform homes; consider the FCTG Independent model as giving you an ultra-luxe flair.

Getting real-time daily updates on global travel restrictions is the 2022 metaphorical foliage your agency needs. For ease, you can input your clients’ travel details into Home to ensure every COVID travel restriction and pain point has been covered. You can even book pre-departure PCR tests, making it as hassle-free for your clients – and you – as possible.

The Deets

This is a rare deal in today’s real estate climate, but when you sign up with FCTG Independent, you can enjoy your new Home rent-free (forever!). And don’t forget that enticing sign-on bonus of up to $5,000* if you join before the 31st of March 2022!

To find out more about how FCTG Independent can support your business, submit your details below, and a member of the independent team will be in touch.

Psst: not an independent travel agency? If you’re a mobile agency, you can still move in with FCTG Independent! Enjoy similar features and support for a low $165 per month, plus read here to see how you can get your first six months’ rent free!

*T&Cs apply.

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