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FIRST DEETS: Get the low down on the first Tourism Ireland live webinar

On Wednesday afternoon Agents scored a learning win when Karryon united with Tourism Ireland for a live training webinar.

On Wednesday afternoon Agents scored a learning win when Karryon united with Tourism Ireland for a live training webinar.

Updating Agents in real-time about everything to do with the island of Ireland. Over 2,000+ have tuned in to discover the craic on one of Europe’s most appealing destinations.

Agents that tuned in couldn’t get enough of the unique and fascinating travel tips and “wow, we didn’t know that” moments throughout the webinar.

In addition, Agents were given the opportunity to connect with Ireland industry partners, Visit Armagh and Guinness Storehouse, where they could ask questions, discover more about the products and gain insider tips on how better to sell Ireland to their clients.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the webinar, it’s not too late to watch the session below plus read to discover some of the best highlights from the learning session.


The Easiest Way to Fill Your Hearts


Sarah Harrison, Sydney’s Trade Marketing Executive for Tourism Ireland, spilled some more details on the new Fill Your Heart With Ireland campaign. The promotion focuses on Ireland’s immersive, authentic, and accessible experiences. And the best news? It’s never been easier to reach Ireland from Australia, with four one-stop connections!


Something for Everyone


There’s no place like Ireland for captivating travellers with its history and progressiveness. One day you can be in Ireland’s Ancient East, surrounded by 5,000 years of history, the next in a bustling city. Cosmopolitan Dublin and Belfast are filled with sights that can be explored on foot, whether cultural, gastronomical, or musical.

Sarah also shared her love of the Wild Atlantic Way, a 2,500-km route of incredible scenery and small-town gems to explore.

During the session, Agents asked questions such as how to best spend five days in Ireland. Sarah recommended checking out the excellent Tourism Ireland Trip Ideas Hub to find itineraries and ideas to suit all interests.


Visit Armagh


Did you know that Armagh is a great gateway to Northern Ireland? Ghilian Campbell from Visit Armagh shared that it’s only an hour from Dublin, 45 minutes from Belfast, and everywhere in Northern Ireland can be reached in an hour and a half. Too easy!

It’s not only a gateway. Armagh’s Navan Centre and Fort is an immersive experience that showcases the historical Celt connection to this pagan site. The legacy of St Patrick is another worthwhile inclusion on any Armagh itinerary, including this cathedral.


How do You Like Them Apples?


Image: Visit Armagh

Agents were intrigued to hear that Armagh is the ‘orchard of Ireland’, but when Ghilian revealed that they have “the best apple tart you’re ever going to taste”, a sweet little tip to pass along to your client for their Ireland vacay!

During the Facebook Live session, Agents got to know more about great experiences in the area including the anwser to the question, “Are there cider distillery tours in Armagh?” Ghilian was happy to educate the webinar attendees that there are not one but two cideries to visit, plus an epic sounding annual Food and Cider Festival!


Music To Our Ears


If you want to visit the most celebrated traditional and music ensembles in Ireland, the Armagh Rhymers is where it’s at. The webinar provided agents with great tips and insider knowledge about the best places to go for live bands.

The helpful partners were quick to suggest some great pubs in the city and gave the suggestions of the Hole In The Wall and Red Neds.


Guiness Storehouse

During the Facebook live learning webinar,  Agents were very lucky to be joined by Michaela Hogan from Guinness Storehouse who shared insights on all things Guinness including what makes the world’s most popular stout special.

Michaela gave Agents a great explanation of the Guinness Storehouse and its seven different floors, highlighting the different experiences visitors can have at Ireland’s most visited attraction. Additionally, she shared some exciting future plans guests can look forward to with the expansion of Guinness Storehouse.

Agents were also clued in on another experience in the Guinness family of brands, the Smithwick’s Experience in Kilkenny. Smithwick’s is as synonomous to Kilkenny as Guinness is to Dublin. Located in Ireland’s Ancient East the Smithwick’s Experience highlights the rich history of the brewery and explains how the ales are made.

Michaela gave some great information about the tours including how they are run by local, experienced guides and also gives some insights into what guests can expect from the tour – HINT: expect to sample some of Smithwick’s famous ales!

If you’re interested in a more artistic expression of Guinness, the brewers at the Open Gate Brewery get to bring their creative visions to life.

Michaela also shared that Roe & Co -the newest addition to the Guinness brand – opened its doors recently in Dublin’s whiskey district. This live distillery showcases how George Roe got Ireland on the global whiskey map, plus they have an enticing flavours workshop.


But Wait, There’s More…


Want to ensure you’re always Ireland informed? This is only the first of a cool Tourism Ireland webinar series, plus we recommend you sign up for Tourism Ireland’s trade e-zine and training platform. Keep up to date of training, trade shows, famils, comps and more!

Once you qualify as an Ireland Gold Specialist, you’ll be in with a chance of potentially nabbing a spot on a Tourism Ireland fam – #winning!


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