Trafalgar wants to make you a superstar with your clients. How, you say? They are giving you the chance to give your clients an exclusive first look to book and save 10% on 2019 Europe & Britain guided holidays.

The new first look concept is all part of  Trafalgar’s #AgentsFirst promise.

Giving your clients very first access to these trips is priceless because the past two seasons completely sold out.

The portfolio features 104 Europe & Britain itineraries. Now it’s simply up to your clients to pick when they want to go.

The first look perk also guarantees that there will be no more for your clients to pay if the price increases (and that clients will be reimbursed if the trip cost decreases).

This should give them every reason to plan ahead and secure that summer spot as soon as possible.

Itineraries range from shopping with a local chef and cooking up a storm in his kitchen in Tuscany, to family fun following in the footsteps of the boy wizard with a visit to platform 9 ¾ and uncovering the magic of a medieval castle in Britain.

There is a 10% early bird saving across every trip for clients that pay in full by 31 January 2019.

With a wide selection of guided holidays available, RIGHT NOW is the best time for clients to book ahead and ensure they secure their preferred spot for summer 2019.

For your exclusive look at the new trips head to and go to Agents Login tab.

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Do you think your clients will appreciate having an exclusive first look? Let us know below.