Didn’t make it out to South Australia’s capital for this year’s Helloworld Business Summit OR the Helloworld Travel Owner Managers Conference? Don’t feel bad because you’re not alone.

KARRYON will make sure you feel like you’re sitting in the conference hall and attending every after-hour event with your peers.

To do this, we managed to get our hands on the very first pictures from the Helloworld Business Summit.

Helloworld Travel 5

Held at the 2KW in Adelaide, the event attracted hundreds of delegates who were welcomed to South Australia (and the conference) by Helloworld Travel’s Head of Corporate, Associate and Affiliate Networks, David Padman.

Helloworld Travel 4

Following the event, attendees went back to their rooms for some rest before waking up this morning pumped for a day of learning.

Helloworld Travel 3

Later tonight, the group will gather again to kick start the Owner Managers Conference.

Helloworld Travel 2

Meanwhile, while sharing a drink with people under the Helloworld Travel umbrella, the company’s Chief Executive and Managing Director, Andrew Burnes, also managed to expand the group’s portfolio by part-acquiring Asia Escape Holidays.


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