Travel Agents exploring China on Wendy Wu’s Mega Famil this week are wearing smiles ear-to-ear, as they spend their first few days visiting the Great Wall and exploring Beijing.

For many, it was their first taste of China, and so far the country has exceeded expectations.

The first day got off to an early start so Agents could arrive at the Great Wall of China before the crowds and heat starting setting in.


To give Agents a more unique experience of The Great Wall of China Wendy Wu had them start their climb at the Mutiyanu entrance. This section is both more picturesque and secluded than the other more popular starting points.

The Mutiyanu starting point is included in Wendy Wu’s Deluxe itinerary and can be worked into private tours.


“We got a more authentic experience there because we were able to avoid the crowds.”

Ashley Caulfield, Cruise Travel Centre AgentĀ 

To Access the Wall from Mutiyanu, Agents took their choice of a chairlift or cable car to the top and descended on toboggans.


Other highlights included visits to the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, and The Forbidden City.

With many Agents having never visited China before, they were unsure exactly what to expect when touching down in Beijing.

“I was honestly surprised how clean, well presented and modern it is. It reminds me of Singapore.”

Grant Raim, Come Cruise with us AgentĀ 


Phil Higgins of RACT Travel said the friendliness of the people was another perk of the capital city.

“Everybody is friendly, people say hello and they’re really encouraging people to come here and it’s excellent,” he said.


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Have you visited Beijing? Did you enjoy your experience? Let us know below.