Flight Centre is looking out for the future of its staff, its guests and the rest of the world through a new initiative called ‘The Brighter Futures’ program.

Launched this week, shortly after the group’s new brochures, Flight Centre’s ‘Brighter Futures’ is a four-pillar program designed to hold the company accountable for its practises, products and staff satisfaction.

The first pillar is the ‘Flight Centre Foundation‘ – a charity that ensures donations made by staff and guests are used towards “making a real difference”. This includes working with partners that feed young Australians and provide Cambodian families with medical care.


The second pillar is ‘FCTG Worldwise‘ – an initiative that encourages staff and customers to travel the world responsibly by “shopping locally, reducing waste, respecting cultures, conserving water and respecting all wildlife’.

In the theme of sustainable travel, the third pillar is ‘FCTG Environmental Sustainability‘ where the company will implement changes to ensure “the way we do business is naturally green across our corporate and travel product”.

And finally there’s the ‘FCTG People‘ pillar, which focuses on providing a “level playing field” for the “most important asset” to the company, it’s staff.

“At Flight Centre Travel Group our philosophies are fundamental to everything we do – it is in our DNA. Our Brighter Futures Program brings our core philosophy, Brightness of Future, to life where we work, live and travel.”

Flight Centre Travel Group

The Brighter Futures program is up and running with a website where staff and customers can read more about the pillars while also obtain tips on how to act and travel more sustainably.

Click here to check out the website.


What are your thoughts on the program?