In what’s being dubbed ‘an innovation of mile high proportions’, secret plans have been discovered to open a Flight Centre branded pop up store on board an Emirates Airbus A380 in mid-flight.

The secretly leaked plans, found left on a table in ‘The Coffee Club’ on Ann Street in Brisbane feature transforming the cocktail bar area on the Business Class upper deck of an Emirates A380 into a pop up Flight Centre store at 35,000 feet.

Details in the plan include Emirates cabin crew being replaced on their breaks by two Flight Centre Consultants, bar shelves that slide down to reveal brochure racks, a digital airfare special board and even a specially created ‘Captain’s Martini’ (shaken not stirred) served with a red olive that passengers could enjoy as they’re buying travel.

The plan stated the special Martini would be ‘Unbeatable’.


FC Agents today raced to apply for the new gig

Details as to whether the Flight Centre Captain would actually fly the plane and serve Martini’s on the same shift weren’t clear, as the plan highlighted potential IATA challenges around licensing and ‘responsible serving of packaged travel products’.

Where exactly the A380’s will fly to was also not revealed in the plans, though insiders speculate that Brisbane to Dubai would be the obvious choice as a first test route.


From Champagne to Short breaks… What’s your pleasure?

Whilst the plans remain unconfirmed an inside Flight Centre source said that preferred agreements were quietly being drawn up by contracting as to which high end land wholesalers they would sell mid-flight.

Some initial challenges were also raised including how they would deal with hosting buzz nights as well as in-store EXPO’s in the pop up – something, which the plan stated ‘could become problematic for other Business Class passengers trying to sleep’.

The Captain remained tight lipped whilst listening to Kanye

The Captain remained tight lipped whilst listening to Kanye

The plan also featured a few self-proclaimed ‘crazy ideas’ such as a slip ‘n’ slide down the aisles in Economy and the use of the galley post meal service as a potential Healthwise pop up gym.

What do you think of Flight Centre’s latest innovation? Crazy or awesome?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a KarryOn Comedy article and is obviously satire. It should not be taken seriously, certainly before flying any airplane.