Someone call Jesse & pass on the good news! Willy is finally free in Canada, as are all his mates, thanks to a new bill banning the captivity of Cetaceans.

Oh Canada, you did so well.

Canada’s upper house passed the new law this week, which will prevent aquariums from keeping aquatic mammals such as dolphins and whales in tanks.

According to and, the S-203 bill was approved after a three-year intense legislative battle to make Canada a more environmentally-friendly destination.

S-203 allows aquariums and marine parks to keep whales and dolphins currently in their care. However, they are unable to breed them for a new generation, nor are they allowed to capture more in the wild.


Furthermore, the bill prohibits aquariums from importing cetacean sperm, tissues, or embryos, as the government wants to slowly phase out the keeping of dolphins and whales.

Cetaceans aren’t the only ocean life being protected by the government because according to, Canada has also outlawed the importation of shark fins.

Canada – we salute you.


What are your thoughts on the news?