Austria takeover
Austria takeover

GET IN QUICK: Play the Germany Quiz and WIN a chance to Scoot off to Berlin!

Hey Agents, fancy scooting off to Germany? Scoot and the German National Tourism Office (GNTO) has got you covered with TWO Economy FlyBagEat tickets to Berlin up for grabs and […]

Hey Agents, fancy scooting off to Germany? Scoot and the German National Tourism Office (GNTO) has got you covered with TWO Economy FlyBagEat tickets to Berlin up for grabs and it’s super easy to enter!

It’s been just over a year since Scoot made it cheaper and easier than ever to get to Europe with their new four-times-weekly Australia to Berlin service via Singapore.

Now Scoot and the GNTO wants to send you and a mate to Germany for FREE including of 20kg checked baggage each and a meal.

Runners up don’t miss out either because there is a chance to WIN double passes thanks to the Scoot and GNTO to Oktoberfest in The Gardens in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney as well.

Psst, if you want to be in the running for these great prizes, just brush up your knowledge on Germany by reading our article below then head here to ace Scoot’s Germany quiz (trust us, if you read our listicle, it’ll be piece of cake).

You have until 4pm Friday 4th October to enter!


Getting there


Anyone waiting for a sign to pack their bags and head to Europe, THIS IS IT! Scoot has the sale of the century on flights from Australia to Berlin.

Economy tickets lead-in at a crazy $309 from Perth, $329 from the Gold Coast and $339 from Sydney or Melbourne.

If you want to pack that extra lederhosen for your Berlin adventures, no stress because Scoot’s standard carry-on luggage is a generous 10kgs.

The fares are on sale until September 17, 2019, for travel from 10 January 2020 to 15 June 2020.


Wine Time


Wine lovers, look beyond France because Germany’s rich landscape makes for some of the best wine regions in Europe!

The flagship wine of Germany is a crisp, fruity Riesling. The grape makes up more than one-fifth of all wine varieties grown in the country.

Riesling and Germany have a very long relationship dating back to the 15th century in Germany’s Rhine Valley.




Heading to the REAL Oktoberfest (yep, there are plenty of versions of it around the world) is almost a rite of passage for Aussie travellers!

This epic two-week festival celebrating Bavarian culture (which of course includes copious amounts of beer) is held annually in Munich from mid or late September to the first Sunday in October.


The Passion Play


Ever heard of Oberammergau? The scenic little town in the Bavarian Alps is famous for something very unique.

Once a decade there is a major performance of the Passion of Christ there.

Why? Well back in 1634 Oberammergau was hit by a devastating plague. The townsfolk vowed that they would perform the show once every ten years if that plague never returned. Hundreds of years later the promise is still being kept.


Europe’s longest bridge


Did you know Germany is home to Europe’s longest bridge? The Krämerbrücke (also referred to at The Merchant’s Bridge) in Erfurt is so long in fact that it’s lined with apartments, restaurants and shops!

Walking the length of the 120 metre long bridge built back in 1325 will make you feel like you’ve travelled back into the Middle Ages.


Cinema under the stars


Germany is home to one of the most spectacular open-air cinema festivals in Europe.

The idyllic movie nights under the stars are held in summer along the banks of the Elbe river in Dresden


Dreamy road trip


For a scenic road trip that meanders through Bavaria’s fairytale castles, mountains, lakes and beer halls, look no further than Alpine Road.

The amazing route stretches of 450 kilometres through the Bavarian Alps, from the town of Lindau on the shores of Lake Constance.


Berlin Wall


This year marks 30 years since The Berlin Wall (the concrete barrier that physically and ideologically divided Berlin) was torn down in November 1989.

Nowadays the remains of the Berlin Wall host amazing street art and seeing it is a must on any trip to Berlin.


Europe’s biggest financial hub


Did you know you will find Europe’s biggest financial hub in Germany? All the big names of the German and international banking sector are represented in Frankfurt.


Famous for Design


This year marks 100 years since the iconic Bauhaus design movement, which is said to have “transformed modern art”, began in Germany.

Bauhaus designers and their students broke from tradition, developing a modernist style that integrated art, technology and craftsmanship all in one.


Maritime Jewel


Did you know the city of Hamburg is considered Germany’s Maritime jewel for its maze of canals, lakes and tributaries with Lake Alster lake right at the centre? Expect to take stunning pictures when visiting this city.


You have until 4pm Friday 4th October to enter, head on over to GNTO and Scoot’s Germany quiz and WIN big. Good luck!


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