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Getting to Know Cara George from Mudgee Tourism

This week we get to know Cara George, CEO Mudgee Region Tourism Incorporated.

This week we get to know Cara George, CEO Mudgee Region Tourism Incorporated.


1.How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the industry for 17 years. My first job was at The Abcot Motor Inn at Sylvania on the Princes Highway, whilst studying the finer points of waitressing at TAFE. I did everything from waiting tables, to reception, to cleaning rooms…so glamorous!

Following on from that, my first city gig in a hotel was PARKROYAL Darling Harbour as a switch operator – I loved it and moved my way up from there.


2. What’s your most amazing travel experience?

It has to be travelling all over Australia to beautiful and unique remote destination properties during my twelve-year career with Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia. Australia is home to the best travel destinations on Earth, in my humble opinion.


3. What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever done?

I once had a job as the girl that hands out little fried up sausage samples at the supermarket.


4. First ever country you travelled to?

The first place I ever travelled to was Hawaii. It was exciting, beautiful, interesting and all my senses tingled with the different space I was in. I was a bit overwhelmed at times with so much to absorb!


5. Wishlist of places yet to visit?

I want to explore New Zealand more, and I still have to spend some more time in Australia (I haven’t spent much time in Western Australia). I would love to go on a South African safari, too.


6. Who was your biggest mentor growing up?

It has to be my family. My mum for her cool head, loving approach and ability to see the good in all situations, my dad for his humour and perfectionist approach to everything and my sister for her strength and courage in always being herself (she taught me how to form an opinion!).


7. How has working in travel changed you?

I’m more appreciative of different people’s ways of life, it might not always be for me but I love knowing that there is something out there for everyone.


8. What’s your biggest life achievement to date?

My biggest life achievement so far has to be getting the CEO gig here at Mudgee Region Tourism Incorporated!


9. What’s one in-flight travel tip?

It’s always really handy to download the in-flight apps ahead of time.


10. What advice would you give someone starting out in the travel industry?

Do more than what your job description tells you to do and use your initiative at every opportunity – someone higher up will be watching and notice. Engage with guests and listen to them and never let the computer say no.



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