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Getting to know Lachlan Walker from Crowne Plaza Terrigal

Crowne Plaza Terrigal's Lachlan chats to KarryOn about his time as an apprentice chef and how working in the industry has changed him.

Crowne Plaza Terrigal’s Lachlan chats to KarryOn about his time as an apprentice chef and how working in the industry has changed him.


1. How long have you been in the industry?

30 years. My first job was an apprentice chef peeling bags of onions & potatoes, chopping bacon for oysters Kilpatrick and washing pots and pans on a Friday & Saturday night (you could do that to an apprentice then).


2. What’s your most amazing travel experience?

It has to be going to Beirut. I was sent there when I worked for another hotel on a culinary trip to get Lebanese cuisine inspiration for a restaurant I was opening back in Kuala Lumpur. I was also tasked with recruiting a belly dancer to work at the restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, too. It was an amazing cultural experience.


3. What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

Not so much weird (more interesting) job I have had was when I worked as a private chef for a family in London. The job saw me cook three meals a day for them, including going on holidays with them all. It was, at times, surreal and intense!


4. First country you ever travelled to?

The first country I travelled to with my family as a child was was New Zealand, followed by Fiji. It was my first introduction to hotels and resorts and I absolutely loved it!


5. Wishlist of places yet to visit?

Maldives, Iran and South Africa.


6. Who was your biggest mentor/influence growing up?

I spent my first six years at the Regent Four Seasons in Sydney as an apprentice Chef where I was trained by Serge Dansereau. He was a great mentor.


7. How has working in travel changed you?

Yes, it definitely has. It has taught me the importance of respecting other cultures and the ways that things are done in their country, resilience & patience.


8. What’s your biggest life achievement to date?

There are lots of achievements that I am proud of, not necessarily just one. I would say I am most proud of my day to day accomplishments – leading your organisation as general manager and bringing up four children.


9. What’s one in-flight travel tip?

Sit back and enjoy and take it as a time to take a break from electronic devices and re-charge.


10. What advice would you give to someone starting in the industry?

Work hard, have a thirst for knowledge and listen – have fun, laugh and most of all, enjoy every moment.

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