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Getting to Know Rika Wisna from Seminyak W Insider

If working in the hospitality industry taught Seminyak W Insider's Rika Wisna one thing, it's the importance of being flexible because you never know what clients will ask for.

If working in the hospitality industry taught Seminyak W Insider’s Rika Wisna one thing, it’s the importance of being flexible because you never know what clients will ask for.

1. How long have you been in the industry?

I began working in the hotel industry in 2009. One year later, I joined the pre-opening team at W Retreat & Spa Seminyak – Bali as a waitress where I learned how to interact with guests, understand their needs and help create memorable experiences. I was promoted to W Insider in 2011.


2. Describe one of your most amazing travel experiences.

Actually it happened last week when I finally found a way to Angel’s Billabong, a stunning hidden natural infinity pool located on Nusa Penida Island, Bali. It took 30 minutes to reach the island by speed boat and then another 15 minutes by motorbike to reach the pool.


3. Tell us about the weirdest job you’ve ever had.

At W Hotels we provide a Whatever/Whenever service and a couple once asked me to organise a romantic dinner for them… in a helicopter.


4. What was the first country you ever travelled to?

Singapore. I loved visiting a cosmopolitan island country that offers a balanced view between city and resort life.


5. What destinations are on your bucket list?

New York and Dubai are both on my bucket list. I love the tall, futuristic buildings and city lights.


6. How has working in travel changed you?

Bringing the Whatever/Whenever service culture to life has taught me to be creative and flexible when it comes to personalised guests’ expectations and wishes.


7. Who was your biggest mentor growing up?

I have two! My current General Manager, Craig Seaward, and my former Director of Rooms at W Bali, Byang.

They both continue to inspire and motivate me to provide excellent service to the guests, whilst also maintaining a balanced work and personal life.


8. What is your biggest life achievement to-date?

My biggest life achievement to date was when I was appointed to my new role at W Bali.


9. What’s one thing you hotel guests are doing wrong?

Feeling insecure and stressed whilst staying in Bali. This is primarily because Bali is not a developed Island.


10. What’s the weirdest thing a guest has ever requested?

After seeing Balinese ducks in the rice fields, a guest asked me to find six live ducks and put them in his villa’s swimming pool.


11. Number one tip for industry newbies.

The travel/hospitality industry is a dynamic industry full of fun, adventure and challenges. Despite looking like a leisurely and relaxed career, to be the best in this industry, you have to be able to make each guest feel special and be incredibly flexible when it comes to your working hours.

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