He’s had over two decades of industry experience and worked with some of the biggest industry names but to this day Shaun says Oprah is one of the biggest influencers in his life.

Read more below for our chat with The LINQ Promenade’s Vice President.


How long have you been in the industry?

Indirectly for 20 years. Most of my career has been spent in retail and shopping centre management, but with a large focus on properties that cater to tourists such as Pacific Fair in Australia, and Westfield centers in the US including San Francisco Center and the World Trade Center.

My first job in this industry was as a Publicity Officer for Myer Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast.


What’s your most amazing travel experience?

Spending New Year’s Eve on Copa Cabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, where the entire city was dressed in white (a tradition), and throwing flowers into the ocean to bring on good health for the new year to come.


What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

I was the PR Manager for Queensland’s ‘the Big Pineapple’ for a brief time. That was a weird job in many ways.


Wishlist of places yet to visit?

There aren’t many left as I’ve been very fortunate and have seen a lot of the world. I would like to go back to Argentina as the last time I was there, the government was overthrown and there were riots on the streets and I had to be evacuated. I’d also like to visit the Scandinavian countries.


Who was your biggest mentor growing up?

Oprah Winfrey! She pioneered so much social change when I was growing up.


How has working in travel changed you?

It makes you appreciate all cultures and all walks of life. It also has made me appreciate that “play time for adults” is essential to people’s happiness and well-being. Las Vegas is America’s playground and it’s so rewarding to see that anyone and everyone can come to Vegas and they ALL have an amazing time and go back home with happy memories.


What’s your biggest life achievement to date?

Moving to the USA. It was always my dream and my favorite place to travel.

Four years ago I decided to come here and find a company to sponsor me. Four years later I have a green card and am working for the world’s largest and most respected Casino owner (Caesars Entertainment) and managing the newest and most unique property on the Las Vegas Strip.


What’s one in-flight travel tip?

Be kind to the flight attendants. Treat them with respect and they’ll make your journey more enjoyable.


What advice would you give an industry newbie?

Get to know the core customer of whatever product/venue/service you are managing. What interests them and what influences their travel decisions. Understanding the customer means being able to exceed their expectations in what you deliver.

What’s your top tip to anyone who is looking to carve out a career in the travel industry?