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Getting to know Tim Farquhar from Eclipse Travel

There's not may people that can say they've set food in all seven continents, but Eclipse Travel's Tim Farquhar managed to make the short list when he conquered Antarctic Peninsula.

There’s not may people that can say they’ve set food in all seven continents, but Eclipse Travel’s Tim Farquhar managed to make the short list when he conquered Antarctic Peninsula.

The tour operator’s Director and Co-Founder joined KarryOn for a one-on-one, during which he gave some solid advice to industry newbies and revealed his future travel plans.

Check out the interview below:


1. How long have you been in the industry?


I worked in the financial markets for many years and I made a false start into the travel industry for a year in 2003, went back to numbers and markets, then finally made the big leap in 2011 after living for two years in Brazil.


2. Tell us about your most memorable travel experience.

My most memorable travel experience would have to be Antarctica. It’s such a beautiful and untouched part of the planet. It feels like you are part of a BBC documentary with the stunning scenery and wildlife everywhere.


3. What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

When I lived in London, I worked as security (I’m not the most imposing guy you’ll meet) at Wembley Stadium. Luckily their system was strength in numbers and I managed to get some front row seats for Premier League and International Rugby games.


4. Wish list of places to visit.

Tahiti and the Maldives of course.


5. Who was your biggest mentor growing up and why?


Kramer from Seinfeld always had a good attitude to life, in his own ‘unique’ way ;).


6. How has working in travel changed you?

I definitely enjoy my career a lot more these days compared to working in financial markets. There’s plenty of variety, and of course, some great travel perks.


7. What’s your biggest achievement to date?

My first landing on the Antarctic Peninsula was a nice achievement, and to have set foot on all seven continents.


8. What’s your number one in-flight travel tip?

Make sure you are well rested before a long flight.


9. What advice would you give an industry newbie?

Be prepared for change.

Do you have any questions for Tim?