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KARRYON COMMUNITY: Meet Nadine Kutz, Travel Counsellor

Each day we aim to inspire, educate and entertain the travel industry. Our community is spread far and wide across the country and even the world.

Each day we aim to inspire, educate and entertain the travel industry. Our community is spread far and wide across the country and even the world.

Here at KARRYON, we’d love to learn more about our community and the incredibly diverse lives you all lead.

Let’s meet Nadine Kutz who decided to become a Travel Counsellor for the flexibility it would provide both herself and her clients.

Nadine loves nothing more than helping her clients create memories to be cherished for a lifetime.


First off, could you give a little introduction as to who you are and what got you started working as a Travel Counsellor?


After many years working for a prominent retail agency I wanted to be able to offer a far more flexible and personalised service to my clients.

The ability to be flexible for my clients and meet them on their terms when it best suited them was exactly how I wanted to be able to operate and grow my business.

The support that the Travel Counsellors company was able to offer to assist me in the running of my business also offered the opportunity for the work/ life balance that we are all striving to achieve.


Where in Australia are you based and how long have you lived there?


I live in Cairns in Far North Queensland and have lived here since I was about five-years-old. I’ve spent a few years living abroad since then but love where I live.


What is a typical (and perhaps no two days are the same) work day like for you?


The nature of travel ensures that no two days are alike and it is perhaps what I love most about what I do. The flexibility of being able to work anywhere also means that I am able to move and work as my life requires whether that be at home, in the garden, in the Austrian Alps or a tropical island beach.


Where is the weirdest destination anyone has ever wanted you to send them?


I wouldn’t say weird, but certainly interesting and not somewhere I was too familiar with – was a client who cruised the Russian waters and had to get to Nome in Alaska. It was a place I had only heard of in the Balto story from when my children were young so it was fun to try and work out how best to get there.. (no sled dogs required ).


What’s the most unusual question a client has ever asked?

I think every question asked is a good question especially now with the industry rulings/ regulations/ country laws etc changing so often.


What do you love most about working in the Travel Industry?


The variety is a wonderful element BUT most of all I love that I am able to help my clients either get home safely and efficiently to their family if they have had to travel for work, or to create and help them to have amazing life experiences and create memories to be cherished for all time.


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