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KARRYON COMMUNITY: Meet the Director of Unique Latin America, Rebeca Espinoza

Each day we aim to inspire, educate and entertain the travel industry. Our community is spread far and wide across the country and even the world.

Each day we aim to inspire, educate and entertain the travel industry. Our community is spread far and wide across the country and even the world.

Here at KARRYON, we’d love to learn more about our community and the incredibly diverse lives you all lead.

Let’s meet Rebeca Espinoza, the Director of Unique Latin America (www.uniquelatinamerica.com.au), a tourism marketing representation company promoting unique products from Latin America in Australia & New Zealand.

Rebeca Espinoza

Rebeca has led a truly fascinating life. She is Peruvian born and bred. Back in Peru she used to work as a TV Press Reporter where she reported on drug mafias and was literally in the middle of gunshots.

She’s now married to an Aussie and has travelled to 72 countries, their goal is to reach 100 before turning 50 years old. They travel extensively with their daughters who she hopes will one day work in the travel industry too.


Where in Australia are you based and how long have you lived there?

I am based in Sydney and I have lived here 11 years….time has flown by.

What is a typical (and perhaps no two days are the same) workday like for you?

Unique Latin America

Definitely, no two days are the same in my job…..and that’s why I love it! One day I can be visiting some lovely Travel Agents and training them about my amazing products in Latin America; another day I can be having a coffee with a Travel Journalist and organising a press trip….or another day I can be presenting about my beautiful country at an interstate trade event. My job is very diverse and super fun.

Where is the weirdest destination anyone has ever wanted you to send them?

This a tricky one as I don’t sell tours per se…I work with the trade and travel media but I do remember one time a journalist wanted to go to Moquegua, a small province in the south coast of Peru, that doesn’t have the infrastructure to receive tourists , however, he had been sponsoring a child from that area so wanted to meet him.

What’s the most unusual question a client has ever asked?

Somebody once asked me if all Peruvians have guinea pig farms in our backyards so we can eat them at any time we want!  Only people from the mountains in Peru eat guinea pig and its part of their gastronomy. Mind you, they don’t eat it every day, it’s only for a special occasion like a christening, wedding, etc. I am from Lima (the coast of Peru) so I have never eaten guinea pig.

What do you love most about working in the Travel Industry?

wanderlust airplane

I love that everyone is so well travelled in this industry. When I go to visit an agency or wholesaler the first question I ask the Agent is where have they been lately? Sometimes they travel to very off-the-beaten-track destinations like Suriname, North Korea, Iran, Kazakhstan, etc. I love to hear their stories and tips to visit that destination.


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