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KARRYON COMMUNITY: Meet Travel Counsellor, Samantha Riddell

Each day we aim to inspire, educate and entertain the travel industry. Our community is spread far and wide across the country and even the world.

Each day we aim to inspire, educate and entertain the travel industry. Our community is spread far and wide across the country and even the world.

Here at KARRYON, we’d love to learn more about our community and the incredibly diverse lives you all lead.

Let us introduce you to Samantha Riddell, a Travel Counsellor from Victoria who has been working for herself for almost 2 years. Here, she shares insight into her life as a Travel Counsellor and what running her own business as a franchisee means.


First off, could you give a little introduction as to who you are and what got you started working as a Travel Counsellor?

I joined Travel Counsellors in May 2017 and have never looked back. I’d worked in various travel jobs prior to migrating to Australia, and always had the desire to return to it. An opportunity presented itself to start my own business with Travel Counsellors and it’s the best decision I’ve made. Let’s just call it fate!


Where in Australia are you based and how long have you lived there?

I’m a UK native who’s been living in Australia 8 years. I was here originally on holiday and loved it so much that I never left!

I followed my fiancé to Benalla in North East Victoria 7 years ago, where I now proudly call home. It’s is a beautiful regional town.


What is a typical (and perhaps no two days are the same) workday like for you?

Sam Travel Counsellors

Yes, no two days are the same and I love that. One day I may be working from home, and the next I’ll be visiting customers all over the North East Victoria region. Having the ability to offer a more personal, one-to-one travel service is priceless. And working remotely means I can arrange my hours around my personal commitments and be available to my customers when it suits them to ensure their entire travel experience is nothing less than perfect.


Where is the weirdest destination anyone has ever wanted you to send them?

Image: Alberto Saiz

La Tomatina to the Tomato festival – a two-hour tomato fight in the streets and then the fire trucks wash the participant down after!


What’s the most unusual question a client has ever asked?

A customer asked …Is it possible to see England from Spain? He said that they look so close on the map.


What do you love most about working in the Travel Industry?


I love working in the travel industry because I love to travel and I love being able to share that with others. Also having exposure to all the new destinations and suppliers that are up and coming… and of course, the famils that Travel Counsellors offer!

So far, I’ve been on four trips since I started in 2017. I’m currently banned by my fiance from going anywhere else until we finish building our house (but we’ll see how long that lasts!)


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