You read about it here first on KARRYON and it turns out the rumours were completely true. Flight Centre have commandeered an ENTIRE Etihad A380 this year to ship hundreds of their Agents and partners to Berlin for Global Gathering.

The Flight Centre party plane took off this afternoon, ahead of this weekend’s conference in Germany’s capital.



Before they could even take off though, we got our hands on PICS of Agents boarding and on the plane because they were kind enough to share them with us and on social.

First, Sydney Airport put on a show with an in-theme welcome party…

Which was followed up with, consultants filling up all A380 seats in Economy…

ALL the A380 seats in Business Class… (Some people get all the breaks don’t they?)

ALL A380 seats in the First Suites… WTF?!

AND even the elusive Residence – we’re waiting on the Agent who won the incredibly luxurious seat to share a picture on his/her Instagram page.


Of course, not all Agents were able to get a seat on the A380, mostly because they’re flying in from parts of the world outside of Sydney, including these consultants who are headed to Berlin with Singapore Airlines…

This Mumma is off to Berlin! ✈️🇩🇪 6 nights away from the kids 😱

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And this guy…

Keep an eye on KARRYON for more news & images out of Flight Centre’s Global Gathering in the coming days.


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