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Two of the Travel Industry’s most respected execs recently handed over an over-sized cheque with some serious numbers on it. Enough to fully-fund a spot in the industry’s no. 1 career accelerator.

A bit of a stir ran through the Travel Industry Mentor Experience (TIME) community last year when the Chairman and CEO of The Lido Group announced that they’d committed to raising funds for the industry’s premier career accelerator in an unexpected way.

They called it ‘Go Dry for TIME’.

Go Dry for Time was inspired by a conversation between a couple of mates in a pub at the end of a particularly silly ‘silly season’,” said The Lido Group’s Chairman, Martin Cowley.

“Steve Mackenzie (CEO of The Lido Group) and I agreed that we could both do with a 90-day ‘dry’ spell, and that we should do it for a good cause. And what better cause than TIME?—A group that both Steve and I have been committed to for a number of years,” added Cowley.

The pair set a goal of raising $3,000 – a figure that would fully-fund a participant through the renowned mentoring program. A GoFundMe page was set up, and things quickly took off.

Martin & Steve present the cheque at the recent graduation event in Sydney.

“We’re thrilled Martin and Steve chose TIME as the focus of their fundraising efforts. It’s an incredibly generous thing to do, and highlights their commitment to what TIME does for our industry,” says the mentorship’s Founder, Penny Spencer.

Founder and Chair, Penny Spencer.

“The TIME network is a close-knit one. And what many people don’t realise, is that even though mentoring and career development is a serious endeavour, we have lots of fun when the community—mentees, mentors, sponsors and the like—gets together,” she added.

“Our regular events are enviable gatherings of the industry’s finest, best-connected people. We support each other, make introductions and celebrate success.”

That success was displayed at a recent graduation event in Sydney when Martin and Steve handed over a cheque for $3700.

“We’re both delighted with the result. Nearly $4000 raised through incredibly generous donors, not least Steve’s brother Bruce and his company Time Target who donated $1000.

“TIME offers a unique opportunity for mentors to give generously and support the next generation of leaders in our industry. We hope that our success with Go Dry for TIME inspires others to support this great cause”, said Martin.

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