The people of Lombok need to be supported right now, with thousands left displaced, traumatised and injured following three major earthquakes this past week.

One Australian charity making a difference on the ground right now is Project Karma, a not-for-profit charity that primarily works to combat the sexual exploitation of children throughout South East Asia.

Project Karma Founder Glen Hulley was already in Indonesia for a conference when Sunday’s major 7.0 earthquake struck in Lombok and knew his team were needed in Lombok as soon as he learned how severe the quake was.


Image: Project Karma

Managing Director of Stuba Asia Pacific, Mark Luckey, who is on the board of Project Karma, explained that when there are natural disasters, kids get displaced and can become very vulnerable.

“The board gave Glenn permission to stop doing what he was doing and take his team over to Lombok and literally within a day they had found a girl who was 13 years old, being treated for stress trauma by a counsellor who then sexually abused her.”

Managing Director of Stuba Asia Pacific, Mark Luckey


Image: Volkan Olmez/ Unsplash

Thankfully Glenn investigated, and they found the counsellor who was arrested.

While the welfare of children is usually Project Karma’s primary focus, they are also doing their utmost to be of service with aid relief, first aid and any help necessary for the communities affected.

When speaking to the ABC on a live cross, Glenn explained that the damage in Lombok is so widespread.

“There’s thousands and thousands of people homeless. There’s no water, no food, no sanitation,” he explained.


Image: Project Karma

Glenn said he was proud of his fantastic team that has worked to save many lives already.

Anyone would like to donate to Project Karm’s Lombok Earthquake appeal can do so by clicking here.

The money raised will be used to provide the people of Lombok with food, water and clothing.

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