The war on plastic is gaining momentum, which is a relief when you consider that each year alone, a sickening 250 million tonnes of single-use plastic is dumped worldwide.

And do you know what forms part of that waste? Those small plastic bottles from hotel bathrooms that were once filled with shampoo and body wash.

It’s a startling reality, brought to light but a recent story from Traveller.

They posed the question: What does your hotel do with those half-empty bottles of shampoo, body wash, mouthwash and the barely-used bars of soap that housekeeping staff routinely collect every day?

The answer: Most hotels will toss them in the bin.

It’s so glaring obviously nowadays that plastic water bottles, plastic bags, and disposable coffee cups need to be given the flick. But have you ever stopped to give a thought to hotel toiletries?


A lot of guests wouldn’t be too pleased at finding a half used or pre-opened bottle of shampoo in their room so hotels won’t consider refilling them.

So this is where your guilt-free theft comes in.

If you use ANY of the product inside these bottles, take them with you and save them from landfill.

You can refill them yourself at home and use them as your own little travel amenity kit. If you take them with you on your next trip, you can leave the small plastic bottles at the next hotel unopened.

And unless you’re staying in five-star luxury the bathroom products in your home are probably better quality than what’s on offer at the hotel.

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Had you ever thought of the waste caused by these bottles? Let us know below.