We are becoming more conscious travellers. This can be seen in the increased desire for environmentally friendly trips and experiences that give back to local people and their country.

When the 2018 Virtuoso Luxe Report surveyed its travel advisors on sustainability as a factor when booking travel, the results showed a bigger demand from it than ever before.

And guess who is leading the charge? Millennials.

Take a bow Millennials because Virtuoso has just revealed that your generation is three times more likely than second-place Generation X to seek out and support travel companies committed to sustainable tourism.

Baby Boomers follow next, with Generation Z close behind.


As a combined group, Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z are the travel wave of the future, and Virtuoso advisors say they represent over 80% of those most likely to book travel that benefits local people and helps protect the planet.

As Gen Z comes of age and their purchasing power increases, Virtuoso predicts they will mirror, if not exceed, the Millennials in their support of travel that enhances destinations and cultures.

“Sustainable tourism represents a transformative movement and our goal remains to support our travel partners in their best practices, from saving endangered species to supporting community development projects around the world.”

Virtuoso Sustainability Ambassador Jessica Hall Upchurch.

So what exactly are clients wanting on a sustainable trip?

Virtuoso asked and here’s what appealed most to their clients: reducing plastic waste, eco-friendly practices, protecting wildlife, eating local foods/supporting local farmers, giving back to communities, animal welfare, respecting culture, staying at green hotels, conserving coral reefs and safeguarding historic sites.

Image: Lan Pham/Unsplash

Image: Lan Pham/Unsplash

Virtuoso advisors also expressed concern about some of the impacts they are witnessing in popular travel destinations.

Concerns extended to climate change killing off coral along the Great Barrier Reef, rising sea levels threatening coastal cities like New Orleans and entire countries such as the Maldives.

great barrier reef - karryon

They also voice worries about the over-popularity of previous archaeological sites such as Machu Picchu.

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