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Happy Birthday: Industry Support Service, Resource, Turns Five

Some good news is always welcome, and this week, Maxine Wiggs' travel industry insourcing outfit, Resource, turns five years old!

Some good news is always welcome, and this week, Maxine Wiggs’ travel industry insourcing outfit, Resource, turns five years old!

Cue the awkward singing and hip-hip-hoorays!

Travel industry support services outfit, Resource — founded by long-time industry leader Maxine Wiggs, has celebrated its fifth birthday.

The Resource story


A respected travel industry business leader, Maxine founded Resource after recognising that her teams often needed an extra pair of hands or specialist expertise for a particular project.

Maxine also recognised that, for all kinds of reasons over the last decade, brilliant travel people were unplugging from the 9-to-5 grind, and offering up their skills on-demand when it suited them.

“I knew there was a demand for fast, flexible expertise and specialised capabilities in the travel industry.

Maxine Wiggs

“And I knew there were great people all over the country that could provide it,” Maxine added.

Resource was born.

In the five years since its foundation, Resource has worked with more than 40 businesses right across the travel and tourism spectrum, supporting and shaping their marketing and communications, delivering PR and HR services, producing awards submissions, RFPs and tender documents, graphic design and visual branding, content collateral and more.

“We work in a number of industries now, but ‘travel’ is in our DNA. We are travel people with decades of experience in just about every corner of the industry you can imagine,” added Wiggs.

Tell us more about Resource

Maxine Wiggs – Resource

Resource is the travel industry’s leading outsourcing hub. 

Its a small team of gurus, whizzes, and aces that shape-shift from project to project, and client to client. It’s not your garden variety consultancy.

Think of it as more of a host, and a match-maker. No matter what your business needs, Resource has just the person for you.

“I did not expect my first five-year business plan to conclude with a global economic shutdown. And yet, here we are!”

Maxine Wiggs

Right now, Resource is tapping into a shift that sees talented people finding their skills are valued across a range of areas and are eschewing the traditional conventions of employment.

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