Mother’s Day is fast-approaching and to celebrate the mums over at The Travel Corporation are reliving some of their favourite memories on travelling with their young ones.

Here are some of their heartwarming stories – oh and again, Happy Mother’s Day!:


Happy Mother’s Day Rachael Harding – Head of Sales, Trafalgar

Rachel Harding, Trafalgar

“Seeing all that you experience when going away through the eyes of a toddler, James amazes me. The things we now take for granted excite him beyond belief. His amazement at the aircraft inside and out, his inquisitive looks with new smells, tastes and sounds and my favourite – watching his face light up when he tried Gelato for the first time in Italy was priceless. I can’t wait until he is old enough to travel on one of our Family experiences – Wild west, Cowboys & Buffalos will be our first choice!”


Happy Mother’s Day Fiona Dalton – Managing Director, Uniworld

Fiona Dalton Uniworld

“One of my most precious travel moments was taking my kids to the USA last January. The purpose of the trip was to celebrate my sons 18th birthday, though he wasn’t very impressed that in finally reaching 18 in California he still wasn’t able to legally have a beer! I took them both to experience Universal Studios as VIP’s on his actual birthday, something I had done a few years prior with Gate 7 and Visit Cal and that I knew would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for them. It was a magical day, they loved the backlot tour, the Transformers ride and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter especially. For me, as a parent the greatest joy one can have is watching your children’s faces light up with the excitement and wonder that shared travel experiences can have, no matter the age.”


Happy Mother’s Day Tina McIntosh –  General Manager, Busabout

Tina Busabout

“There’s nothing better than seeing the world through my daughter’s eyes because everything is so wondrous when you’re a toddler. Chloe is a natural explorer and most days she asks me if we can “go on an adventure” so I have my work cut out for me! We love our Aussie holidays at the beach where shoes aren’t worn and having an ice cream is a daily ritual. Chloe went on a plane for the first time recently and she was more fascinated by the lady in the row behind us who was wearing an eye mask than being up in the air. I’d love to take Chloe to Europe too but I’m waiting until she’s old enough to remember it – hopefully she’ll want to take her mum on her first Busabout when she turns 18.  Until then, we’re happy having adventures exploring Australia’s beautiful beaches.”


Happy Mother’s Day Jody Grossfeldt – Head of Guest Experience, AAT Kings

Jody AAT Kings

“I am very lucky to have travelled to quite a few places with my children, but one of my most memorable was taking my twin girls to Tamaki Maori Village in New Zealand on our Adventure to Middle Earth Short Break. I loved seeing their eyes open up and their huge smiles as they learnt about the culture of New Zealand.  It was a very special moment to share with them.”


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY Karen Deveson – Head of Marketing, Insight Vacations

Grace India

“Taking Grace (16 yrs) to India on Luxury Gold’s Essence Of India itinerary last year is a personal travel highlight of mine both as a traveller and as a mum. It brings a huge smile to my face as I think of us on our rickshaw going through the streets of Old Delhi. We must have had the fastest rickshaw rider in Delhi – we were flying alongside trucks and chaos. The look on Grace’s face was unforgettable – joy and fear in the one expression. One late afternoon we visited a Mughal community at the back of the Taj Mahal – we were in no rush and had quality time to play with the children and chat to the families. The families went without many of the daily items we deem essential. Grace said to me “I just loved that – great people and just so happy. I want to do more of that in my gap year.” Great memories. I can’t wait to do something similar with my other daughters.”

What are you doing to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?