HELLOWORLD TRAVEL: 9 exciting changes from an exclusive lounge to new TV ads

The wheels are always turning over at Helloworld Travel where in the last year there have been so many changes that even Usain Bolt would have trouble keeping up.

The wheels are always turning over at Helloworld Travel where in the last year there have been so many changes that even Usain Bolt would have trouble keeping up.

Thankfully, KARRYON has the 4-1-1 on Helloworld Travel’s happenings and have collated the most important changes into one, easily digestible list.

Read on for some of the exciting changes that have happened and will be happening at the travel group:




It’s here baby! ResWorld is finally here. Well, kind of. The mid-office system is live and being tested as you read this by the team in Parramatta.

Helloworld Travel’s Group General Manager of Retail and Commercial, John Constable, said this is an “exciting moment” for Agents as the platform is designed to be intuitive, seamless and convenient.

“More importantly, it will have a strong CRM behind it that allows you to connect with the customer in a more fluid way,” he explained. “In a way that allows you to follow up, monitor enquires and anything you need to drive results.”




More good news for Agents, the group is working on individual Agent websites that’ll help drive sales back to consultants.

John said the sites are now ready, they’re just looking at what content is available and how it can drive enquiries back to the store.

“That’s something we’re looking at hugely in the coming months,” he said.




New brochures are on the way, and they’re focused on meeting current trends while also making life easier for Agents. Yes, even the brochures are designed to cater to consultants.

First and foremost, the group has consolidated its domestic brochures to ensure all the right content can be found in the right brochure. For example, the Queensland brochure now features new things happening in the state along with new islands reopening such as Hayman Island and Daydream Island.

“When customers book, they’ve been booking content from a number of brochures, so it’s very clear that from a customer perspective that those brochures need to be consolidated,” John explained. “You now have the tools to give the full offering to consumers in one brochure.”

The Japan brochure will also look a little different this year, with more FIT product to meet demand for the “booming destination”. Inside the brochure consultants will find new product, tailormade and theme park tickets that you usually can’t get outside of Japan.

Consultants can also keep an eye out for new brochures for South America, the Indian Ocean, and Worldwide Adventures, a special Best of Intrepid Travel.




Attendees at the Helloworld Travel Frontliners Forum received a first look at the new branding of the Seven Oceans Cruising platform, which National Sales Manager for Wholesale, Steve Brady, said will better suit Agents.

In addition to the new look and new logo, Seven Oceans Cruising will receive a new online capacity powered by Odysseus, which will improve search systems.

While changes will be ready by January next year, Steve explained that the last thing the company wants to do is roll out a new platform during Wave Season and so will instead wait until late March.




From cruising to air. Helloworld Travel is working hard with Air Tickets to provide Agents with what John described as an “airfares monster”.

He explained that the system will be a “bible of airfares” that’ll give consultants access to all fares for anywhere in the world.

“I believe it will make your jobs easier to see airfares in one place,” he added. “There’ll also be additional product in there such as cruise fares and wholesale prices so that you can piece together itineraries with air tickets.”




Helloworld isn’t just the name of a travel group; it’s the name of a travel show! Have you tuned in yet?

The show follows famous Aussie faces such as Steve Jacobs, Sonia Kruger and Vince Sorrenti as they travel around the world to promote select destinations and exclusive Helloworld Travel deals.

John said since the show’s launch in October this year, bookings have increased, making the company’s TV debut well worth the effort. Click here to read more about it.




The travel professionals are building on their TV presence with new-style ads designed specifically to build brand awareness.

Airing over the Christmas holidays, the short clips are being created at this moment and according to John, will ensure “everyone is talking about why they should choose Helloworld Travel and work with a Helloworld Travel agent”.




You read correctly – Helloworld Travel will have its own dedicated lounge at the Australian Open.

The lounge is exclusive to the group’s customers as well as guests who book through Qantas Holidays and associated brands.

Steve said the lounge is a place for customers to escape the sun, relax, refresh themselves, visit a cash bar, watch the game on a big screen or buy some food.




Welcome to the world wide web! Insider Journeys is making its online debut through Calypso.

By making the tour brand available online, Helloworld Travel hopes it’ll be easier for Agents to research and book the Asia specialist products for their clients.


What other exciting changes have you seen/experienced with the group?