In an age where online travel websites appear to be the easier option for booking a holiday, some 40 percent of British travellers are still using a Travel Agent.

But why?

It’s a question easily answered by those taking part in the 2018 ABTA Holiday Habits report, who said they used a Travel Agent last year for three reasons: it was easy, a time saver and it gave them more confidence.

Around 58 percent of people who booked a holiday through a travel professional in the last 12 months said they did so because of the ease that comes with relying on someone else to handle their dream getaway.


They left the responsibility of searching for deals, putting together itineraries and reading the fine print to a professional and just enjoyed the trip. Click here for more things Agents can do that online can’t.

Then some 51 percent of people said they used a Travel Agent to save time. And that’s exactly what they did because with a consultant handling the booking; they didn’t need to waste hours researching deals or use energy to double check and review online reservations before pressing the ‘confirm’ button.

And finally, around 45 percent of respondents said they felt more confident booking through a consultant, which isn’t surprising when there are people out there who think they can organise a visa through the bank and don’t understand why their flight to Bali says Denpasar all over it. Click here for more random things travellers think and say.

The study of British holiday habits in the last 12 months also found some 36 percent of travellers booked holidays through Travel Agents in the last year, similar to the prior year’s 38 percent.


Why do you recommend people use Travel Agents for their holidays?