Have you ever considered that the best way to sell travel is simply by giving your customers FOMO (AKA Fear of Missing Out)? That was one hot selling tip put forward during the Travel Counsellors’ conference.

Travel Counsellor’s Best Newcomer Jake Cassar, whose fascinating story on life as a Travel Counsellor we shared earlier this year, does it so well.

Jake, who has visited close to 80 countries is constantly giving his customers, friends and family FOMO on his awesome Instagram page @thiswildtime.

Honestly, just looking at his feed will give you itchy feet!

Travel Counsellors’ Marketing and PR Manager Marnie Pugsley explained to Travel Counsellors why inspiring their customers with wanderlust content and hot travel deals works.

“Customers can’t only be thinking about their holiday when they’re about to go on one,” she explained.

“Our customers have told us that they are thinking about two to three trips at the same time. And so it means we need to keep talking to them.“

“Just because they don’t know where they’re going or when…they’re still reading, sharing, liking and engaging with us. The customers that you already have a relationship with, your content jumps out at them, and for those that you don’t have a relationship with you need to show them the Travel Counsellors difference and give them a little bit of FOMO”.

Travel Counsellor’s Marketing and PR Manager Marnie Pugsley

Marnie shared some cases where this has worked really well – including the story of Travel Counsellor Lani Symons Vaughan who learned of a short term offer on an airline and decided that even though it was late and there wasn’t much time left on the deal she would share it on her Facebook anyway.

Image: Logan Lambert/Unsplash

“I was almost going to pass on doing anything on facebook but I quickly wrote a post at 10:30 last night and by 10am this morning I had 5 inquiries for it ,includingg a group of 4 who have just booked premium economy to Hawaii.”

Travel Counsellor Lani Symons Vaughan

Marnie also encouraged TCs not to forget about LinkedIn.


“It is still a very important platform to be considering. While corporate customers may not be dreaming about their corporate travel it’s an important platform for you to share that expertise and what you can offer and who is to say that they may not be booking a leisure trip in their downtime”.


Do you agree giving customers FOMO is an effective way to sell?