The iconic grizzly bear is now a protected species in British Columbia, Canada thanks to a new hunting ban that has been introduced in the province.

Adventure World Travel has welcomed the ban with open arms with the company’s Managing Director Neil Rodgers, saying that the hunting ban meant more people could now appreciate the beautiful creatures in their natural environment.

“British Columbia has been a leader in recognising the eco-tourism value that wild grizzly bears bring to the region,” he said.

“Through the protection of these incredible animals, travellers will have even more opportunities to see them in their natural habitat, proving their value for tourism in the region.”

Adventure World Travel Managing Director Neil Rodgers.

There are an estimated 15,000 grizzly bears in British Columbia and each year, around 250 are taken by hunters.

Co-Owner of Great Bear Lodge in British Columbia (an Adventure World partner) Margaret Leehane said not only does the ban mean a peace of mind for future travellers, but the bears will also gradually become less cautious around humans, meaning that viewing experiences will improve.



The Great Bear Lodge

“Great Bear Lodge has been lobbying the government for many years to stop the hunting of these incredible animals. We have donated free trips to campaigns, designed to raise awareness of hunting, such as Stop The Hunt and the Grizzly Bear Foundation,” she said.

Now that grizzly bear hunting has been banned, new areas in British Columbia are expected to open up to bear viewing that were previously off limits due to hunters.


Adventure World offers various trips to British Columbia, including the 3-day Grizzly Expedition and also a 4-day stay at the Great Bear Lodge allowing travellers the chance to stay in a floating lodge in an outstanding wildlife viewing location.

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