The industry is in mourning this week after learning of the passing of Lydia Ozich, a Senior Consultant at Reho Travel described as a foodie who was happiest when tasting the many spices of the world.

Reho Travel confirmed Lydia’s passing in a statement to media that said she went on Sunday after a long battle with cancer.

Karsten Horne, Chief Executive of the agency group, said it was an honour to work with Lydia over the last 14 years and watch her set the benchmark for “professionalism and efficiency”.


Lydia (right) combined her love of food with travel.

“She will be greatly missed as a friend, colleague, and a mentor to many.”

Karsten Horne, Reho Travel Chief Executive

Lydia started her career at American Express Travel in Perth over 30 years ago, before joining the Reho team in 2005.

Karsten said that “she loved her job” especially her “clients and her Reho family” almost “nearly as much as she loved The West Coast Eagles”.


The Chief Executive continued, discussing her love of food and wine, which she combined with her thirst for travel.

“She was very happy.”

Karsten Horne, Reho Travel Chief Executive

“In the last decade or so Lydia has enjoyed fish tacos on Hawaii’s North Shore,  grazed the buffet on a Royal Caribbean cruise, sampled seafood in the Maldives, tasted tapas in Santiago de Compostela, sake and sushi in Shibuya and we’re sure she is still dreaming of the Lotus Root Salad she had a few years ago in Hanoi, accompanied, of course, with her favourite glass of red,” he added.