Canadian Indigenous activist and TreadRight partner, Sarain Fox has a message for Travel Agents: “Feel free to open up the doors for travellers to take part in Indigenous experiences. The time is now. There has never been a better time to connect”.

Her words come as The TreadRight Foundation, along with Contiki Cares, launches their first ‘People’ project in Australia, supporting Indigenous artists.

The project sees them partner with KARI Foundation (one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal service providers) to offer travellers “immersive indigenous experiences”.


The initiative will roll out first on Contiki before being offered through AAT Kings and Trafalgar.

KARI Foundation will give Contiki’s millennial guests a chance to engage in authentic cultural experiences when travelling on an Australian itinerary.

Travellers will be taught by Indigenous artists, take part in traditional art and will learn about the meanings entwined in Aboriginal culture.

Canadian Indigenous activist and TreadRight partner, Sarain Fox is in Australia for the launch of the program, following on from her instrumental role in the launch of a similar program in her homeland of Canada.


She is part of a new generation of young and empowered Indigenous women – here to meet with Australian First Nation people to compare stories, traditions and discuss similarities between nations.

“We’ve taken some of the learnings from our successful Canadian program to our Indigenous brothers and sisters in Australia to see how it can benefit their communities,” she said.

The program will see the Indigenous communities they engage with benefit from tourism through economic empowerment while in turn giving travellers a better understanding and appreciation for the culture and community.

“Not only does it support local communities, but it also brings home the true reason people travel which is to connect.”

Canadian Indigenous activist and TreadRight partner, Sarain Fox

Sarain emphasised that Travel Agents could have a big impact on whether travellers choose to engage with the Indigenous communities during their travels.

“Be inspired to ask your clients if that’s something they’d like to do. Advocate for that impact side of travel and allow that door to open up,” she said.

Are you pleased to see TreadRight’s ‘people’ project come to Australia?