Perhaps it’s exclusive access to top insurance policies or maybe it’s their first pick at new release tours. Maybe it’s the safe and stress-free environment they offer or maybe it’s the special touches they provide.

Whatever it is that Travel Agents are doing, it’s working because more Australians are relying on consultants for their holiday plans this year.

New research conducted by SureSave found that nearly 80 percent of Aussies now view consultants as the ‘trusted source of travel and safety advice’ – that’s five percent more than last year AND 22 percent more than in 2012 when online booking sites were winning favour.


Travel Agents are particularly popular among holidaymakers for the “convenience” they offer (21 percent) and the security and simplicity they provide on complex itineraries.

In addition to flights, tours and hotel, some 27 percent of Aussies sourced their travel insurance policy from travel professionals either in person, email, online or over the phone.


SureSave’s Matt Endycott said research reveals that the general public’s perception of Agents is increasingly becoming more positive.

“Travellers place a high importance on Agents’ specialised knowledge in order to book travel plans, organise complex itineraries and receive information on travel insurance.”

Matt Endycott, SureSave Head of Agency Sales


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